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A device for packaging elongated articles, such as plants and cut flowers, in a protective bag. The device includes a tubular frame having a generally horizontal section and a vertical section which is connected to one end of the horizontal section. A support is carried by the upper end of the verti ...

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A trash bag liner retaining and air venting device is attachable to a trash receptacle. The device includes a rim adapted to being removably secured to a top of a trash receptacle such that an upper region of a flexible liner is drapable thereover. A locking ring is provided which receives the rim i ...

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A bag holder for supporting and holding open a bag. The bag holder includes an annular outer frame having a central opening and a surrounding lip adapted to receive and retain the open end of a bag. A retaining ring fits inside the central opening of the frame and has an outwardly directed flange wi ...

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A containment system for receiving and disposing of disposable sanitary products. The containment system comprises a peripheral frame member which defines a central opening. Releasably attached to the frame member and suspended therefrom is a containment bag which defines a hollow interior communica ...

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A device for holding a flexible bag, such as a plastic trash bag, inside a receptacle, such as a wastebasket or trash can. One or more of the devices may be used to hold a trash bag in a trash receptacle. The first embodiment of the invention has an U-shaped resilient clip with two opposing arms to ...

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A bag retaining and air venting device that is attachable to a trash receptacle. This device has at least one channel that preferably has a generally U-shaped, V-shaped or similarly shaped interior cross-section. In addition, includes means for firmly retaining a plastic bag liner in place with a tr ...

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Trash bag holder comprising flexible plastic strip with intermediate straight portion adapted for insertion within trash bag opening for alternative ground or floor engagement or wall hanging with a bag retained in open receiving condition.

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A manual ice bagging device comprises a hopper having an inlet end for receiving aggregate ice therethrough, and an outlet end for directing the ice into a commensurately shaped bag. A stand is connected with the hopper and supports the same above a floor surface, and a bag support member is operabl ...

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A new and improved plastic bag hanger device is presented for employing plastic bags, especially those plastic bags with handles which are used for bagging groceries, as liners for all sizes of trash receptacles The device comprises a clip member having an upwardly protruding flange and a downwardly ...

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A plastic bag carrier to be used by an individual for lifting and carrying filled plastic grocery bags from the individual's motor vehicle to a desired location inside the individual's home. The plastic bag carrier comprises a support frame having opposite first and second ends, and a handle opening ...