Serge Le Gonidec

[fr] Système d'évaluation (10) d'un débit d'un fluide provenant d'un réservoir (20, 21), comprenant des moyens de mesure (17, 22, 23) aptes à mesurer un niveau de fluide dans le réservoir (20, 21) et caractérisé en ce qu'il comprend des moyens d'estimation du débit du fluide à l'aide d'un filtre de ...

Dan Miller
Daniel N Miller, Neal D Domel, Cole W Schemm: Exhaust plume heat effect reducing method and apparatus. Lockheed Martin Corporation, Reising Ethington P C, John J Snyder, November 27, 2012: US08316631 (2 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for reducing heating effects of an exhaust plume of a jet engine on an impinged surface includes fluid injectors disposed adjacent and aimed into an exhaust plume zone that's to be occupied by an exhaust plume when the engine is running. A flow generator transmits fluid flow into such a ...

Eugene Fitzgerald
Eugene A Fitzgerald, Arthur J Pitera, Steven A Ringel: High-efficiency solar cell structures. Goodwin Procter, May 13, 2010: US20100116942-A1

Solar cells include a substrate consisting essentially of silicon, a first junction disposed over the substrate, the first junction comprising at least one III-V material and having a threading dislocation density of less than approximately 107 cm−2, and a cap layer disposed over the first junction, ...

Robert A Wiedeman: Interactive fixed and mobile satellite network. Globalstar, Ohlandt Greeley Ruggiero & Perle L, December 12, 2000: US06160994 (183 worldwide citation)

A communications system includes at least one low earth orbit first satellite (10), at least one second satellite (11) in other than a low earth orbit, and a ground segment (12) that includes a plurality of user transceivers (78, 80, 82, 84) and at least one gateway (76) coupled to a publicly-access ...

Ule Louis A: System for detecting and utilizing the maximum available power from solar cells. North American Rockwell Corporation, October 3, 1972: US3696286 (129 worldwide citation)

In a power solar cell array consisting of many solar cells connected to deliver useful electrical power, there is imbedded a smaller reference solar array consisting of solar cells connected in series with a Zener diode and load resistor so devised that the voltage that appears across the load resis ...


Mingxi Wang: Systems and methods for UAV battery exchange. SZ DJI TECHNOLOGY, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, May 24, 2016: US09346560 (113 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods are provided for swapping the battery on an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The UAV may be able to identify and land on an energy provision station autonomously. The UAV may take off and/or land on the energy provision station. The UAV may communicate with the energy provision sta ...

Michael A Grant, David Robson, Nicholas F Matthews: Multiple access communication system. British Aerospace Public Company, Nixon & Vanderhye, June 2, 1992: US05119225 (108 worldwide citation)

A multiple access communications system comprises a node spacecraft GEO and several user spacecraft LEO.sub.1 to LEO.sub.n. Each user spacecraft LEO.sub.1 to LEO.sub.n includes a transmit/receive terminal head 18.sub.1 to 18.sub.n, and the node spacecraft GEO includes n transmit/terminals 22 to 22.s ...

Ludwig Muhlfelder, Robert Benson Hogan: Magnetic torquing system for changing the spin rate of an orbiting satellite. RCA Corporation, H Christoffersen, Joseph D Lazar, Robert M Rodrick, September 19, 1978: US04114841 (105 worldwide citation)

The angular momentum of a tumbling orbiting satellite is changed to reduce the spinning of the spacecraft such that the spacecraft can operate in an essentially stabilized condition. The change in spin rate is accomplished by the development of a magnetic torque by commutation of magnetic air coils ...

Cindy Hsin I Hsieh, Varouj G Baghdasarian: Redundant fuse wire release device. Space Systems Loral, Perman & Green, October 17, 2000: US06133818 (89 worldwide citation)

A highly reliable release apparatus which is used to stow or release desired devices such as, for example, solar arrays, antenna positioning mechanisms, reflectors, found on satellites, space stations or spacecraft. Deployment of the desired device is prevented or allowed by respectively restraining ...