Majid Alavi
Anders Helmner, Orjan Christoffersson, Majid Alavi: Netting arrangement for a cargo hold, in particular in an airplane, and an adapter therefor. Telair International, Barnes & Thornburg, October 1, 2013: US08545149

The present invention concerns a netting arrangement for a cargo hold, in particular in an airplane, comprising: at least one netting including a plurality of fixation points preferably formed on an edge side, a plurality of fixation points formed on the cargo hold side, and at least one adapter for ...

Dan Miller
Jeffrey W Hamstra, Daniel N Miller, Kerry B Ginn: System, method, and apparatus for pulsed-jet-enhanced heat exchanger. Lockheed Martin Corporation, Bracewell & Giuilani, April 2, 2013: US08408281

A pulsed-jet active flowfield control actuation system enhances the rate of heat transfer and heat removal in a heat exchanger for better management of thermal loads. The pulsed jet actuators impart an unsteady component of velocity to the working fluid of the heat exchanger. This design increases t ...

Dan Miller
Neal D Domel, Dan J Baruzzini, Daniel N Miller: Passive Robust Flow Control Micro Device. Lockheed Martin Corporation, March 1, 2012: US20120049008-A1

A tapered micro-plow, or a series of tapered micro-plows, are submerged in a boundary layer just upstream of a reflection point of an oblique shock. Each micro-plow develops a beneficial pair of vortices which redistribute high energy flow within the boundary layer such that flow separation is preve ...

Patrick W Smith: Hand-held stun gun for incapacitating a human target. Taser International, Thomas G Watkins III, October 21, 2003: US06636412 (301 worldwide citation)

A hand-held stun gun incapacitates a human target by generating a series of powerful electrical output pulses across first and second spaced apart output terminals in response to closure of a trigger. A battery power supply includes an electronic switch, an energy storage capacitor and a transformer ...

Hightower Robert E: Aircraft indicator system. Klarquist Sparkman Campbell Leigh Hall & Whinston, September 2, 1975: US3902687 (221 worldwide citation)

A tactile indicating system for aircraft includes a seat cushion provided with left and right vibrators which indicate to the pilot the deviation from a course selected via a radio navigational aid receiver. If the pilot is off course, one of the vibrators is actuated for indicating the corrective a ...

Dennis E Ruzicka: Automated director light system for aerial refueling operations. The Boeing Company, Christensen O Connor Johnson & Kindness PLLC, May 18, 1999: US05904729 (187 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for generating visual information for an operator in a first aircraft and a pilot in a second aircraft regarding the second aircraft's position relative to a first aircraft. A 3-D camera system (72) generates a real time 3-D video image of the second aircraft. A selecting devi ...

Harry L Task: Night vision compatible illumination for vehicle crewmember workspace. The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Air Force, Donald J Singer, Gerald B Hollins, April 1, 1986: US04580196 (171 worldwide citation)

An arrangement for conveniently changing the illumination in an aircraft cockpit or other enclosure to a spectrum compatible with night vision infrared equipment including provision for easy return to the original illumination source. Selected LED elements are employed in multiple element arrays usi ...

Patrick T Marshall: Power line sentry charging. United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Air Force, AFMCLO JAZ, Gerald B Hollins, July 15, 2008: US07398946 (150 worldwide citation)

A rechargeable battery energized unmanned aerial vehicle having surveillance capability and an ability to clandestinely collect propulsion and other energy needs from a conveniently located and possibly enemy owned energy transmission line. Energy collection is by way of a parked vehicle engagement ...

Daniel H Meggs, Herbert G Gross, John T Greenslade: Flexible elongated lighting system. Gulf & Western Manufacturing Co, Price Gess & Ubell, June 24, 1986: US04597033 (141 worldwide citation)

A lightweight emergency lighting system capable of arrangement into various subjective configurations is provided. A housing member supports a plurality of individual lighting elements mounted on a common semi-rigid bus bar. The upper configuration of the housing members is capable of a directional ...

Robert F Brodell, Edward J Hovan, Steven T Selfors, Constantino V Loffredo, Paul W Duesler: Nacelle and mounting arrangement for an aircraft engine. United Technologies Corporation, Kenneth C Baran, June 11, 1996: US05524847 (124 worldwide citation)

A nacelle and mounting arrangement for a high bypass ratio ducted fan aircraft engine mounted external to the aircraft main structure is disclosed. The nacelle and mounting arrangement isolate the engine from the adverse effects of certain aerodynamic forces acting on the nacelle by transferring sub ...

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