King Robert W: Glider launcher for kites. August 15, 1972: US3684219 (38 worldwide citation)

A simple, lightweight, easily constructed and easily operated, spring-loaded glider launching attachment for a kite is disclosed which is formed primarily from flexible plastic tubing, paper clips or the like and rubber bands. Other embodiments are disclosed.

Jalbert Domina C: Aerial sled. July 31, 1973: US3749337 (29 worldwide citation)

An aerial device in the form of a wing having upper and lower flexible layers and a leading edge and a trailing edge, a wall of the wing having an opening facing outward from the bottom or a side of the wing forming an inlet for flow of pressurized air into the wing, and a normally open flexible val ...

Lois Lambros: Apparatus for extracting energy from winds at significant height above the surface. Laurence Stokes & Neilan, December 9, 1975: US3924827 (25 worldwide citation)

A bouyant wing is tethered to a line an appreciable distance above the surface where the winds are at higher speed than at ground level, the other end of the line(s) is attached, for example, to an electrical generator, and provision is made for adjusting the position of the wing so that when a seri ...

Prather Alfred G B: Fan-like tail section for man-powered glider aircraft. Pawl Walter S, May 28, 1974: US3813062 (21 worldwide citation)

The aircraft wings have means for varying their camber and include a fan-like tail section hinged to the rear of a rigid frame surrounding the pilot's space between the inner ends of the side wing sections, in substantially the same plane therewith, a unicycle being fixed to said rigid frame to prov ...

Brown Nancy F: Air foil kite. Leporis Jr Steven A, Brown William M, Oldham & Oldham, April 23, 1974: US3806071 (19 worldwide citation)

A kite comprising a flexible air foil contoured structure formed of top and bottom sheets or members joined together at rear margins thereof, and a plurality of vertically positioned axially extending partition sheets extending between the top and bottom members at parallel, laterally spaced portion ...

Scott Andrew Macdonald: Parachute.. Wallop, April 8, 1981: EP0026615-A2 (16 worldwide citation)

A tethered parachute has lead weights 4 distributed along a portion of the periphery of its canopy 1 for stabilizing the parachute.

Page Patrick E: Parasail, glider type aerial device. October 24, 1972: US3700191 (14 worldwide citation)

The parasail, a glider type aerial device, uses aeronautical principles found on conventional parachutes and sailplanes, thus its name. This craft uses airfoil shaped flying surfaces connected, via a multiplicity of shroud lines, to an external load and control carrying spar and its payload. The win ...

Jones Edward B: Swept wing variable pitch sailplane. February 9, 1971: US3561702 (14 worldwide citation)

A sailplane is provided in which the line-of-lift of the wing is swept back from the longitudinal elastic axis to give an automatic wing twist with change of lifting force. In operation, a reduction in the angle of incidence from an updraught wind results in a trade of lift for greater forward thrus ...

Battles Willis R: Pilotless glider construction. Munro Jack C, November 18, 1975: US3920201 (13 worldwide citation)

A delta wing type of pilotless glider wherein a weight is supported a spaced distance below the delta wing and is mounted so as to be movable transversely and longitudinally with respect to the wing in order to vary the flight of the glider according to the type of conditions encountered. The wing s ...

Babbidge Lewis E: Captive inflated lighter-than-air structures. Ely & Golrick, February 12, 1974: US3791611 (13 worldwide citation)

Captive inflatable lighter-than-air structures comprised of heat-retaining metallized film envelopes for the inflating gas. Internal and/or external stays, suitably guyed if desired, may be used to maintain shape and configuration of envelopes against distortion by internal gas pressure. Structures ...

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