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A movable handcontroller that permits control while requiring low force-displacement gradient. The handcontroller may be used in a side-arm configuration in that it allows the operator's arm to remain essentially motionless in an armrest while control inputs are made about the fulcrum of the wrist.

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A redundant, multi-channel fly-by-wire control system for use in an aircraft is disclosed. The system includes a left flight control channel (60), a center flight control channel (80) and a right flight control channel (90). Each control channel is capable of flying the aircraft in the event the oth ...

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An integrated aircraft longitudinal flight control system uses a generalized thrust and elevator command computation (38), which accepts flight path angle, longitudinal acceleration command signals, along with associated feedback signals, to form energy rate error (20) and energy rate distribution e ...

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Disclosed is a controller principally for a flight craft and utilizing a single control element which can be manipulated for control of motion relative to pitch, roll, and yaw axes, these axes being mutually perpendicular to one another. The control element is mounted in a base member for pivotal mo ...

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A flight control module with integrated actuator spoiler control electronics, where the flight control functions have been integrated into the integrated modular avionics through the use of a flight control module (“FCM”), the FCM being configured to contain spoiler actuator control electronics (“AC ...

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In an aircraft using fly-by-wire technology, the flight control functions have been integrated into the integrated modular avionics (“IMA”). The new flight control module (“FCM”) resides on the same data bus as the other modules in the IMA and receives power from the same power supply. In addition, ...

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In order to protect an actuator system for a movable surface in a reliable manner, while also protecting the movable surface in the event of a system failure, the actuator system includes a power drive unit connected to one end of an input shaft. An actuator is disposed on the input shaft having mul ...

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A power operable pivot joint for mounting and actuating a trailing edge flap or the like on an airplane wing, including a pair of laterally spaced bearing rings having outwardly projecting support arms adapted to be secured to an airplane wing, an annular member pivotally mounted on the bearing ring ...

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The present invention relates to an airplane wing (1) with leading edge devices, said leading edge devices comprising one or more slats (12) and at least one Krueger flap (13) per side. Said one or more slats (12) and said at least one Krueger flap (13) are driven by a common power drive unit (21) t ...