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A system for sealing 'wet wing' areas of aircraft wherein access for injeng the sealant is obtained without requiring removal and replacement of entire fasteners. A novel injection bolt employed in a row of fasteners which secure wet wing structural members together provides access to a sealant chan ...

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An airfoil camber change system for changing the camber of the leading or ailing edges of airfoils. The system includes a flexible continuous upper surface, a lower surface comprising a plurality of slidable overlapping segments and one or more actuation mechanisms. The actuation mechanism includes ...

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A wing, stabilizer, or the like forming process wherein an oversized foam core is compressed between split molds having partially cured epoxy-coated fiberglass cloth laid up in both halves of the molds, thus assuring a good bond between the cloth and the foam core during the final curing process.

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This invention relates to aircraft, to the improvement in floating wing aircraft, to the improvement in the stability of floating wing aircraft at very low and negative lift angles of attack, to the improvement in aircraft having floating wings with non-stalling characteristics, and to aircraft with ...

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