Berthomme Sylvain: Kite structure of the wing type with inflatable compartments. Voile Systeme, May 25, 1990: FR2639247-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

Kite structure, particularly used for pulling movable devices with the aid of the wind, comprising a wing structure 10 consisting of juxtaposed inflatable compartments 14 equipped with an air inlet 24 and connected together via their lateral faces 16, and suspending ropes 12, characterised in that t ...

Automatically opening parachute. Granger Jean Michel, March 29, 1996: FR2724909-A1 (4 worldwide citation)

The parachute incorporates in its sails inflatable stiffening rolls which are inflated by gas pressure. The inflated rolls deploy the parachute sails. The rolls are placed diagonally across the sail as far as its ends. The inflation valve is located at the intersection of rolls. Pressurised gas is s ...

Parachute. Sutton Stephen, January 17, 1975: FR2234188-A1 (4 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a parachute of the ram air canopy type wherein a canopy is made from a skin formed into a series of elongated, inflatable parallel cells disposed in side-by-side relation to constitute an airfoil when inflated. The inventive concept of the application is the formation of op ...

Legaignoux Dominique, Legaignoux Bruno: Direction and incidence controlling device for power kite, has outhaul lines passing in pulleys and pulled towards inhaul lines, where outhaul lines are fixed to inhaul lines at height equal to/greater than height at which bar is fixed. Diamond White Lda, January 20, 2006: FR2873093-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

The device has a bar (3) made of a rigid material, two outhaul lines (2A, 2B), and two inhaul lines (1A, 1B) connected to a pilot using a loop (10). Pulleys (5) are fixed at ends of the bar. The outhaul lines pass in the pulleys and then pulled up towards the inhaul lines. The outhaul lines are fixe ...

Serge Lory: Motorised propulsion unit for an aircraft of the microlight type, especially paraglider (parapente), and double-acting clutch particularly for such a unit. Lory Serge, August 5, 1994: FR2701082-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a motorised propulsion unit (5, 6) for an aircraft of the microlight type (1), particularly for a paraglider, with a motor (5) on a chassis (4) and driving an airscrew (6) via an automatic clutch comprising a centrifugal stage, which couples the airscrew (6) to a drive shaft ...

Georges Blottin: Propulsion device intended to cause a pilot equipped with a parapent to fly. Blottin Georges, February 5, 1993: FR2679867-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

The device consists of an internal combustion engine (13), fixed to a chassis (60) fitted to the back of the pilot, and driving a turbine (300) consisting of at least one multi-blade propeller (100) surrounded by an external fairing shroud (8). The device according to the invention allows the use of ...

Philippe Jacquot, Olivier Lamorthe, Daniel Rivalin: Motorised microlight flying device. Jacquot Philippe, Lamorthe Olivier, Rivalin Daniel, May 31, 1991: FR2655017-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

The device comprises a rigid chassis (3) fastened by rigging lines (2) to a parapet wing structure (1). The front face (4) of the chassis comprises an attaching structure (9) for a user (8), and its rear face (5) accommodates a motor (6) and a propeller (7). The chassis (3) is a rigid hollow structu ...


Improvements in or relating to parachutes. June 6, 1969: FR1570286-A (3 worldwide citation)

1,181,279. Parachutes. G. Q. PARACHUTE CO. Ltd. 5 June, 1968 [30 June, 1967], No. 30197/67. Heading B7G. A parachute has a substantially triangular canopy 11, consisting of a number of strips 18- 24 arranged across the canopy, the strips 22-24 providing wings 59, 60. Rigging lines are attached to th ...


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