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219,781. Coggan, R. H. June 18, 1923. Wind-scoops. - A collapsable wind-scoop for ships' port-holes is hinged so that it may be swung aside when not required for use. As shown, the device comprises a cylindrical frame 9 carrying a number of semi-cylindrical telescopic sections 10, 11, 12, the inner ...

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An outboard motor unit for use on small boats and having a primary propulsion engine connected through a clutch to the propeller shaft and an electric motor aligned with and connected to the propeller shaft. The electric motor is connected to a battery through a switch operatively connected to the e ...

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A desiccant container is removably connected to the vent line of a fuel tank of a boat or the like to prevent accumulation of moisture in the fuel tank.

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A backing frame is provided for disposition about an opening provided for ventilation in a flexible cover panel with the backing frame disposed against the inside surface of the cover panel. A mounting body defining an opening therethrough and including a peripheral flange is disposed on the outer s ...

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An automatic fan controller for energizing a ventilation fan motor to eliminate fuel fumes from an engine compartment of a motorboat. A relay which provides electrical power to the motor of the ventilating fan when energized is controlled by an electronic circuit responsive to engine ignition circui ...

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A life support system for an undersea habitat which derives oxygen and potable water directly from the sea, without connection to shore or supply ships. Dissolved gases including oxygen and nitrogen, are stripped from sea water by passing a stream thereof in counter-current with rising steam derived ...

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Disclosed is a control device for a waste heat recovery system which enables improvement in the responsiveness of the output control for a power turbine and a steam turbine with respect to sudden changes in the inboard load. The control device for a waste heat recovery system is equipped with: a pow ...

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The vaporized gas is first heated and then compressed. Thereafter, the gas is divided into two component flows with one component flow being sent to the ship's propulsion plant as a source of fuel. The second component flow is then further compressed and cooled in heat exchange relation with the con ...

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A combination propulsion system for boats or the like is provided comprising a first, gasoline engine, a second, electric motor and means for coupling the motor to the engine whereby the electric motor may be reversed and used as a generator when the gasoline engine is running for recharging a batte ...

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A combustible vapor detector system providing both a proportional visual reading and a simultaneous switching function in a common instrument includes a meter relay and a vapor sensor remotely located in a compartment likely to have an accumulation of combustible vapors which operably coupled to the ...