Dan Miller
Philip P Truax, Daniel N Miller, Edward C Ma: Flow control redistribution to mitigate high cycle fatigue. Lockheed Martin Corporation, Bracewell & Giuliani, March 26, 2013: US08402738 (1 worldwide citation)

A method operable to improve pressure recovery and/or distortion within engine inlet is disclosed. A first fluid flow is provided to primary jet vortex generator(s) operable to inject fluid at a first injection rate into a boundary layer of a primary fluid flow within the inlet. A secondary fluid fl ...

Gary J Schaub, Thomas G Theisen: Marine transmission with a cone clutch used for direct transfer of torque. Brunswick Corporation, William D Lanyi, November 1, 2005: US06960107 (199 worldwide citation)

A transmission for a marine propulsion system uses a cone clutch in such a way that, when in a forward gear position, torque is transmitted from an input shaft, or driving shaft, to an output shaft, or driven shaft, solely through the cone clutch. When in forward gear position, driving torque betwee ...

Tadashige Hakoyama, Yoshio Kato, Satoki Maeda, Hideo Yamaguchi, Osamu Yagi: Navigation display apparatus for collison avoidance utilizing polygonal safety regions and predicted danger areas. Tokimec, David O Reilly, May 7, 1996: US05515287 (172 worldwide citation)

A navigation supporting display apparatus makes it easy for an operator of ship to navigate with a safe passing distance between own ship and a target by indicating an exact danger area between own ship and the target ship. The apparatus has a collision point calculator which calculates a possible c ...

Jamieson John Robert: Hydraulic steering gear for ships.. Vickers, January 7, 1981: EP0021732-A1 (165 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to ships steering gears of the type operated by liquid under pressure. The steering gear incorporates two liquid systems (A, B) each containing a pump (11 or 12) fed from its own supply tank (29A or 29B) and a thruster unit (1, 2 or 3, 4) capable of providing by itself steering ...

Donald C Miller, David J Allen, Robert A Smithson: Continuously variable transmission. Fallbrook Technologies, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, October 24, 2006: US07125297 (143 worldwide citation)

A variable speed transmission having a plurality of tilting balls and opposing input and output discs is illustrated and described that provides an infinite number of speed combinations over its transmission ratio range. The use of a planetary gear set allows minimum speeds to be in reverse and the ...

Mocarski Zenon R: Fluid device using coanda effect. SRC Laboratories, Junkins Ernest M, March 5, 1974: US3795367 (126 worldwide citation)

A device using the Coanda effect by which a primary fluid of high velocity, small volume induces flow of a secondary fluid with the exhaust fluid being a combination of both fluids.

Itsushi Hirukawa: Shift assisting device. Sanshin Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Ernest A Beutler, November 27, 1990: US04973274 (123 worldwide citation)

A shift assisting mechanism for a marine outboard transmission that includes a sensing device comprised of a pair of relatively movable levers with pressure responsive switches being effective to transmit movement between the levers and provide a shift controlling signal when the resistance to movem ...

Leonard Watts: Marine propulsion system. Techmet Corporation, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett and Dunner, January 12, 1988: US04718870 (113 worldwide citation)

A marine propulsion water jet system which operates at high efficiency and automatically adjusts itself to maintain a relatively constant primary injection water velocity over a wide speed range. The propulsion system includes a fluid flow amplifier by which a high velocity principal water flow is i ...

William D Lanyi, Jeffery C Ehlers, Blake R Suhre: Simplified docking method and apparatus for a multiple engine marine vessel. Brunswick Corporation, William D Lanyi, May 22, 2001: US06234853 (108 worldwide citation)

A docking system is provided which utilizes the marine propulsion unit of a marine vessel, under the control of an engine control unit that receives command signals from a joystick or push button device, to respond to a maneuver command from the marine operator. The docking system does not require a ...

Parsons Charles Grenville: Improvements relating to the attachment of components to shafts. Stone Manganese Marine, March 22, 1967: GB1062610-A (106 worldwide citation)

1,062,610. Assembling force fits; jointing by tube - expanding. STONE MANGANESE MARINE Ltd. Feb. 11, 1966 [Nov. 19, 1964], No. 47188/64. Headings B3J, B3Q and B3U. [Also in Division F2] The end 4 of a shaft 1 is expanded into engagement with a hub 2 of a propeller or pulley by screwing a tapered pin ...