Mankawich Joseph D: Hydrofoil sailboat. Hofgren Wegner Allen Stellman & McCord, April 9, 1974: US3802366 (37 worldwide citation)

A hydrofoil sailing craft including a main hull flanked by a pair of outrigger hulls extending forwardly of the main hull. The outrigger hulls mount depending hydrofoils which extend downwardly and towards each other and which may be adjustably positioned. The main hull mounts a rotatable mast which ...

Andersen Jeff H: Stretch resistant sail web. Andersen Sailmakers, September 9, 1975: US3903826 (32 worldwide citation)

A sail web is provided having a plurality of layers of material, each layer of material being stretch resistant along at least one axis and having threads aligned along the axis which are substantially parallel to each other, the layers being overlapped so that the stretch-resistant axes thereof cro ...

Tracy Richard R: Winged sailing craft. Haefliger William W, April 2, 1974: US3800724 (25 worldwide citation)

A sailing craft comprises:A. a body, andB. first and second elongated wings carried by the body, the first wing extending generally upright and the second wing extending generally laterally at one side of the body, both wings having airfoil configuration to receive wind thrust developing mutually co ...

Martin Benjamin P: Sailboat. May 25, 1971: US3580203 (25 worldwide citation)

A sailboat including hull having a mast mounted for full 360.degree. rotation thereon and forming the central portion of a sail having the configuration of an air foil and arranged to collapse together with means for adjusting the sail position, the sail being supported so that its aerodynamic cente ...

Arnaud Ballu: Rigging for sailing boats. Ballu Arnaud, July 21, 1995: FR2715124-A1 (24 worldwide citation)

The sail (3) has two surfaces (12,13) and passes around the mast (2). A wishbone, passing around the mast and sail, is secured to the mast. Each surface of the sail is fitted with a number of parallel battens (14,15) in conventional pockets extending from fittings (18) on the mast to the leaches (10 ...

Wagner Eckart: Sail for sailing craft and method for making same.. North Sails Surf Antilles, July 28, 1982: EP0056657-A2 (24 worldwide citation)

A single panel sail is made by stretch forming a thermoplastic film or laminate of film and fibers against a shaped caul or mold, preferably with the use of heat and pressure, such that the film is permanently deformed into a three dimensioned shape having the desired profile or fullness required in ...

Kenney Clarence E: Sailboat airfoil sail and mast assembly. August 10, 1971: US3598075 (24 worldwide citation)

A sailboat mast assembly including a curved mast and a sail draped thereon to extend to both sides of the mast and leewardly thereof. Two booms are pivotally mounted at the base of the mast and are attached to the lower edges of each portion of the sail on each side of the mast, and the booms can be ...

Brix Joachim Dipl Ing: Aerodynamic body surrounded with air or water.. Mtb Manovriertech Buero, September 28, 1988: EP0283730-A1 (22 worldwide citation)

By means of a diaphragm (20) arranged its wall surface, the aerodynamic body (100) can be converted into an aerodynamic body with a changed boundary and enlarged surface for producing local excess velocities and therefore controllable vacuum zones by active volumetric flow of a fluid into the interm ...

Bete John U: Sail batten. June 1, 1971: US3581698 (20 worldwide citation)

A tough, thin, flexible batten made of layers of strips of material embedded in and bonded together by plastic. The outer layers of the strip may be successively shorter to taper the batten and make it more flexible at one end than the other.

Spivack Mayer, Kern Jr Fred R: Hand-held sail. Bookstein Arthur Z, December 9, 1975: US3924870 (19 worldwide citation)

A small hand-held and hand-controllable sail may be used by an ice skater or the like for propulsion. The sail includes a spar arrangement for supporting the sail in a suitable aerodynamic configuration which is operative when the sail is held to leeward of the skater. The spars are arranged so that ...

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