Voilure de voilier transformable, dun foc en un spinnaker geant. Campillo Christian, January 6, 1978: FR2354239-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

Cette nouvelle voilure se compose d'un ensemble de plusieurs voiles ayant chacune la forme soit d'un triangle classique ou isocèle, soit d'un onglet sphérique orienté verticalement tronqué en partie basse horizontalement réf. 6. 7. 8. La partie haute de chaque voile est reliée à des réas montés sur ...







Aumonier Laurent: Pendular rigging for e.g. ketch, has transversal crossbeam with two posts articulated in foot to boat hull and connected between them by their upper ends, and wing-mast type pendular mast suspended by its leading edge to apex of crossbeam. Aumonier Laurent, October 13, 2006: FR2884220-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

The rigging has a transversal crossbeam (110) connected to a boat hull (100) by articulations (140). The crossbeam has two posts articulated in a foot to the hull and connected between themselves, in a rigid manner, by their upper ends. A wing-mast type pendular mast (115) is suspended by its leadin ...

Julliand Lionel Serge Michel: Trapezoid rigging for e.g. terrestrial sail propulsion vehicle, has vertical posts respectively inclined along concurrent axis forming preset angle between twenty and fifty degrees, and sheet connected to ends of booms of main sails. Julliand Lionel Serge Michel, May 19, 2006: FR2877913-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

The rigging has vertical posts (1, 1') respectively inclined along a concurrent axis forming a preset angle between 20[deg] and 50[deg]. A sheet (10) is connected to ends of booms (6, 6') of main sails passing through fixed points (12, 12'). The sheet permits the booms to simultaneously haul in or s ...

Maumenee Gerard: Forces information providing device for use by crew, has programmable computer to receive measurement of force sensors installed on port and starboard shrouds and to calculate lateral forces, propulsive forces and sail forces. Maumenee Gerard Jacques George, January 13, 2006: FR2872777-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

The device has force sensors (1, 2) installed on port and starboard shrouds (3, 4) to measure force of the shrouds constituting rigging of a boat. A programmable computer (9) receives measurement of the sensors and calculates lateral forces, propulsive forces and sail forces. Parameters of the boat ...

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