aaron alls
Bruce W Farber, Michael M Wiggins, Aaron Alls, Joseph Beck, Leming Yue: Boat lifting and stacking vehicle. Wiggins Lift Co, Kelly Lowry & Kelley, April 24, 2008: US20080095578-A1

A boat lifting and stacking vehicle having a low profile frame, a carriage connected to a frame via a transverse I-beam track, a mast having a pair of forks protruding therefrom, and a hydraulic suspension system. The vehicle further includes an operating console that moves transversely and vertical ...

James Ferrero, James R Lutz: Diving mask with quick-release strap attachment. Dacor Corporation, Greer Burns & Crain, August 19, 1997: US05657493 (142 worldwide citation)

A diving mask includes a frame with a front portion and first and second side portions and enclosing at least one lens, a flexible skirt secured to the frame and constructed and arranged to provide a water-tight seal between the frame and the user's face, at least one of the side portions having one ...

Theresa M Buckley: Phase change material thermal capacitor clothing. Foley & Lardner, February 15, 2005: US06855410 (138 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for metabolic cooling and insulation of a user in a cold environment. In its preferred embodiment the apparatus is a highly flexible composite material having a flexible matrix containing a phase change thermal storage material. The apparatus can be made to heat or cool the b ...

David E Curtin: Underwater-breathing device. Francis X Lo Jacono, December 8, 1981: US04304229 (130 worldwide citation)

An underwater-breathing device which combines the use of a snorkel with a scuba regulator to allow a skin diver to readily switch back and forth from the regulator to the snorkel as he alternates from deep diving to surfacing with his head submerged just a few inches below water surface, the breathi ...

Charles E Houston: Underwater breathing apparatus. S C A, Richard D Weber, January 20, 1981: US04245632 (126 worldwide citation)

A self-contained underwater breathing apparatus wherein surface air is delivered through a float-supported hose to a compressor carried by the diver and powered by the diver's exhalations. The compressed air is stored in reservoirs and inhaled by the diver through a demand regulator. An auxiliary ma ...

John D Hightower, George R Beaman, George A Wilkins, Douglas W Murphy: Remote unmanned work system (RUWS) electromechanical cable system. The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Navy, Richard S Sciascia, Ervin F Johnston, William T Skeer, March 8, 1977: US04010619 (104 worldwide citation)

A tethered underwater work system comprises a primary lift module attached o a support vehicle by means of a primary tether. A submarine work vehicle is removably attached to said primary lift module and connected thereto by means of a secondary tether. Additionally, the lift module contains electri ...


Uhrich Richard W, Held Jimmy L: Linear linkage manipulator arm. The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Navy, November 28, 1972: US3703968 (76 worldwide citation)

A manipulator arm comprises two parallelogram linkages in combination with trapezium linkage. The three linkage systems cooperate to produce movement in spherical coordinates when used in conjunction with three independent actuators. The two parallelogram linkages preserve spacial coordination betwe ...

Agnita Britzman: Retained compressible pillow support. Fulwider Patton Rieber Lee & Utecht, December 2, 1980: US04236264 (75 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a generally horseshoe shaped pillow support including a closed tubular flexible envelope in the shape of a horseshoe and including a horseshoe return having a pair of transversely spaced apart legs projecting co-extensively forwardly from such return. The tubular envelope may be i ...

Jonnes Nelson, Friedlander William S: Deep submergence diving suit and insulative material therefor. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, May 9, 1972: US3660849 (68 worldwide citation)

Deep submergence diving suit which maintains its low thermal conductivity at great depths and provides constant buoyancy at changing depths, having a layer of thixotropic material such as a grease or very low modulus elastomeric material filled with hollow glass microbubbles as an insulating layer, ...

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