Ailerons having self-deforming reversible profiles. Dumortier Paul, March 27, 1987: FR2587675-A1 (9 worldwide citation)

The ailerons, moving in fluids (water, air) and receiving the thrust of these fluids sometimes on one face and sometimes on the other, have to be able to form a concave-convex profile which is self-deformably reversible. They are constituted by: - a non-deformable solid construction 1 forming the fr ...

D& 039, Almada Remedios Michael J: Boat hulls. D& 039, Almada Remedios Michael J, June 30, 1993: GB2262718-A (6 worldwide citation)

A boat hull incorporates a pair of trim tabs 8 mounted symmetrically on the underside of the hull so as to extend longitudinally thereof. Each tab is movable between retracted and extended positions. When in the extended position each tab presents a surface which serves to redirect wash or spray flo ...

Larsh Everett P: Ship stabilizer fin. Jacox & Meckstroth, June 25, 1974: US3818959 (6 worldwide citation)

A light-weight, strong, low cost fin for ship stabilization. The fin is composed of plastics materials, such as polystyrene, polyurethane, and the like. The fin is strong and durable in its use as a ship stabilizer. However, the type of materials used in the fin permit the fin to be readily crushed ...

Hull. Esercizio Cantieri Di Mario Je, October 2, 1974: GB1368873-A (4 worldwide citation)

1368873 Hull construction SOC ESERCIZIO CANTIERI DI MARIO JERI & C SAS 18 May 1972 23504/72 Headings B7A and B7S In a boat hull, sheet metal plating 11 is fixed to and forms a metal shell inside metal frames and stringers 13, 15. A protective covering of an expanded polyurethane resin 17 and a surfa ...

Nouvelle carene de bateau et bateau comportant une telle carene. Calcul Nautique, August 31, 1979: FR2416158-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

La présente invention concerne une nouvelle carène de bateau. La carène 3 selon l'invention comprend essentiellement de chaque côté une arête 4 dont au moins une partie 4a est parallèle à l'axe du bateau, tandis qu'un aileron 7 est implanté sur la partie 4a d'arête 4 de chaque côté de la carène 3. L ...


Duncan George: Improvements in bilge keels.. Duncan George, January 10, 1918: GB112403-A (3 worldwide citation)

112,403. Duncan, G. Sept. 28, 1917. Bilge keels. - Greater steadiness and better steering are obtained by bilge keels consisting of two of more rows of keel sections a, b with gaps d between. The gaps are preferably staggered, as shown, and are approximately equal to the distance between adjacent ro ...

Augspurger Steffen, Zoellner Joachim Dipl Ing: Ship with tunnel means and arrangement for constituting a tunnel. Augspurger Steffen, Zoellner Joachim Dipl Ing, April 9, 2003: EP1300330-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

The hull (10) is provided with a device (14) which can be used to form a tunnel in the area of at least one of the propellers, when required. Independent claims are also included for (a) the boat hull, and (b) the tunnel-forming device.

Delaunay Marc Jean Edouard: Automatisation et optimisation des pivotantes des voiliers. Delaunay Marc Jean Edouard, August 23, 2002: FR2821053-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

Dispositif permettant l'automatisation et l'optimisation des réglages des quilles pivotantes de voiliers.L'invention concerne un dispositif qui permet d'assurer les réglages des quilles pivotantes de manière continue et optimale sur les voiliers qui en sont équipés. Il est constitué d'une série de c ...

Ramde Roar: Hull configuration.. Petroleum Geo Services, October 25, 1995: EP0678445-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

A new displacement hull configuration providing for homogenous flow of water under the stern including side-hull bulges that are relatively constant in size from the bow to mid-ship and tapering off to about zero at the stern. Additionally, the hull is provided with a slope surface forming an angle ...