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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To restrict deterioration of braking force in a brake device using friction force in such severe conditions under high temperature that fading phenomenon may occur generally.SOLUTION: A disc brake device for a bicycle as a device for braking a wheel rotated using friction force ...

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A bicycle brake arrangement in which each of the front and rear wheel forks adjustably carry a pair of hydraulic slave cylinder-piston units, one unit of each pair being on an opposite side of a wheel rim with each unit having brake shoe means associated therewith for movement toward and away from a ...

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A hydraulic brake system for a two wheel bike having handlebars, a master cylinder assembly mounted on the handlebar, the assembly including a housing, a tubular body mounted in the housing, a piston mounted in the tubular body, an overrating lever pivotally mounted on the housing, a push rod operat ...

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Functional and ergonomic steering member of the type consisting of two arms (25, 35) separated by a handlebar stem (18) and each one extended by a hand grip (23, 33) which, in particular, incorporates at least one micro emitter (14, 12) with multiple channels for remotely controlling gear change mem ...

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Vinyl chloride or a mixture of vinyl monomers containing vinyl chloride in the ratio of at least 50 percent of the mixture is subjected in a polymerization vessel to suspension polymerization in an aqueous medium containing a suspending agent and an oil-soluble catalyst. The inner walls as well as t ...

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A brake operating apparatus includes a brake member bracket for attachment to a handlebar, wherein the brake member bracket includes a concave inner surface defining a switch mounting recess. A brake member such as a brake lever is movably attached to the brake member bracket, and the switch mountin ...

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A disc braking assembly provides a compact, lightweight braking arrangement which utilizes hydraulic fluid to provide greater braking power. Durability and reliability are achieved by use of a compensating chamber and piston having a compensating piston biasing member.

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A device for controlling the application of braking action to a vehicle having at least two wheels, one wheel being a forward wheel, the other wheel being a rearward wheel, each wheel having associated therewith, means for braking and unbraking the rotation thereof in response to displacement inputs ...

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A cycle hydraulic braking system is disclosed, with a generating cylinder 10 and a receiving cylinder 14, the chamber 36 and chamber 48 for generating and receiving cylinder to communicate and define a fluid-tight enclosure filled with a predetermined volume of incompressible fluid the compensating ...

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A hand operated hydraulic bicycle brake includes a brake pad holding unit located in back of the front fork of a bicycle. A flexible fluid line couples a master cylinder located on the handlebars of the bicycle to a slave cylinder located adjacent the rim of the front wheel of the bicycle. Actuation ...