Hirak Chanda
Hirak Chanda, Marcin Kowalewski: Banked curve detection using vertical and lateral acceleration. Robert Bosch, Michael Best & Friedrich, October 27, 2015: US09168950 (1 worldwide citation)

A banked curve detection system determines the presence of a vehicle on a banked curve by sensing a vertical acceleration and a lateral acceleration of a vehicle. A banked curve is determined when the vertical acceleration and lateral acceleration are each greater than previously sensed vertical and ...

Jack L Keck: Vehicle flow direction vanes. Robert O Richardson, June 1, 1976: US03960402 (80 worldwide citation)

Vehicle Flow Direction Vanes for reducing the rear vacuum induced drag on moving vehicles and thus increase mileage performance on the order of 20 percent. Aft, and forward, mounted flow direction vanes are attached to flat-back vehicles to deflect air flow into the drag producing reduced pressure a ...

Robert Tiedge, Michael Anderson: System for providing adjustable occupant space in a vehicle. Woodward Emhardt Naughton Moriarty & McNett, September 1, 1998: US05800002 (49 worldwide citation)

A system for varying space of a vehicle having a fixed portion with occupiable space and a number of ground engaging wheels coupled to the fixed portion. An expandable portion is coupled to the fixed portion and has a rigid floor. The expandable portion is movable relative to the fixed portion to ad ...

Rick Renze, Ed Stinson: Truck bed extender. Richard C Litman, April 30, 2002: US06378926 (47 worldwide citation)

A truck bed extender apparatus for increasing the load capacity of a pickup truck comprising four hinged basic elements including a pair of side panels, a tailgate and a platform that is secured to the tailgate of the truck. The side panels are removably secured to the inside surfaces of the truck b ...

Marlon Martinus, John Macbeth: Quick release vehicle tailgate extension assembly. Brooks & Kushman P C, September 15, 1998: US05806907 (45 worldwide citation)

A quick release fold-up tailgate assembly for attachment to a vehicle having a cargo space defined by a bed, sidewalls, and a tailgate pivotable between open and closed positions with respect to the bed and sidewalls includes a back panel substantially coextensive with the inner surface of the tailg ...

James M Owen, J Ben Owen: Tailgate extension assembly. Rhodes Coats & Bennett, July 4, 2000: US06082801 (42 worldwide citation)

An extension mechanism for mounting on a tailgate of a vehicle that is selectively positionable between a variety of orientations. The extension mechanism includes a tailgate protector mounted onto the vehicle tailgate, an extender frame movably attached to the tailgate protector allowing for separa ...

Grant W Hiebert, Gerald W Clancy, Ewan Smith: Slide-out compartment for a vehicle. Anthony C Edwards, December 4, 2001: US06325437 (38 worldwide citation)

The apparatus of the present invention for selectively actuable relative movement in a first direction between a first vehicle compartment mountable or mounted to a second vehicle compartment includes a first actuator mounted to the first vehicle compartment for actuation in a second direction of a ...

Jeffrey L Clark, Robert M Beard, Lawrence E Stoltz: Extendable support system. Gator Ramp Systems, Fulwider Patton Lee & Utecht, September 8, 1998: US05803523 (38 worldwide citation)

An extendable support system having a plurality of support members and a plurality of pairs of spaced-apart side rails, each pair of which being affixed to one support member. Each of the support members move longitudinally relative to the other and include stop tabs which are configured to limit th ...

Randall L Graber: Travel trailer with rear wall slide-out room. K Z, Baker & Daniels, July 10, 2001: US06257638 (36 worldwide citation)

A travel trailer having a rear end wall with an extendable or slide-out room. The vehicle also has a floor and an opening in said rear end wall, such that said slide-out room is fitted in said opening. The vehicle includes an upper mechanism and a lower mechanism for supporting the slide-out room fo ...

Richard K De Valcourt: Truck bed extender/ramp. Garvey Smith Nehrbass & Doody L L C, May 8, 2001: US06227593 (35 worldwide citation)

A ramp for motorcycles and lawn mowers folds up into a gate to fit on top of a tailgate of a pickup truck to extend the truck bed onto the open tailgate.