Somakumar R
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A system for detecting and classifying a wheel of a rail vehicle traveling on a railway track includes a plurality of wheel detectors coupled to one rail of the railway track and configured to detect presence of the wheel and to generate signals representative thereof. A processing system is coupled ...

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Methods and systems are disclosed for a vehicle status reporting system for allowing a user to define when a user will receive a vehicle status report about the status of a mobile vehicle, in relation to a location, for establishing a communication link between the system and the user, and for deliv ...

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A coated abrasive product has abrasive particles secured to a flexible backing by maker and size coats, each abrasive particle consisting essentially of an agglomerate of fine abrasive grains having an average diameter less than about 200 microns and an inorganic, brittle, matrix. The volume percent ...

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The accuracy of determination of a possibility of collision of a vehicle with an object is enhanced without the shortening of a period for detection of the object by an object detecting apparatus. A collision-possibility determining device determines the presence or absence of a possibility of colli ...

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