Erkin B. Nurgaliov
叶尔肯 拜山: 地铁车厢内自由空间监测与提示系统. 叶尔肯 拜山, June 20, 2012: CN201110327526.7


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A transponder reader arm assembly is useful with feed cars for automatically feeding livestock in order to place a transponder reader in close proximity to a transponder worn by the livestock. The transponder reader arm assembly hereof includes a pivotally mounted arm connected to a mounting bracket ...

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A method of treating hyperproliferative skin diseases, such as psoriasis, using a compound of formula ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1 is hydrogen when R.sub.2 is hydroxy, and R.sub.1 is methyl when R.sub.2 is hydrogen; and A is alkyl; cycloalkyl; alkenyl; alkyl substituted with trifluoromethyl; phenyl; hal ...

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In a transportation/logistics system in which a pallet/vehicle with an automobile/container mounted/fixed thereon travels, a normal steering operation is carried out by changing the direction of the wheels (including tires) by an electronically controlled automatic steering system on the basis of st ...

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A central stationary platform is surrounded by a rotatable annular platform and a vehicle guiding means surrounds at least a portion of the outside circumference of the rotating platform. Vehicles are guided into frictional engagement with an outside edge of the rotating platform in a manner that th ...

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This invention discloses new targeted conjugates for the delivery of a compound, and particularly, a steroid, to vascular endothelial cells. The conjugates comprise two components, preferably linked by a selectively-hydrolyzable bond, such as an acid-labile bond or enzyme-sensitive bond. The first c ...

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An amusement ride loading terminal having a revolving circular platform is provided for continuous loading of passengers into a series of moving circular vehicles. The platform cooperates with an endless track conveyer to keep the vehicles revolving with the platform without individual vehicles spin ...

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A protocol is provided for bi-directional communication of control signals between a host unit and a slave unit. The protocol is particularly adapted to the control of a locomotive from a remote host computer.

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A braking distance verification system is disclosed which makes use of a specially designed pulse to voltage converter circuit and a portable computer-based data acquisition system to measure grade, speed, and distance information of any rail vehicle. The preferred embodiment of the device is partic ...

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A modular cable bridging device for protecting cables. A plurality of ramps and central members are provided, each having a respective sidewall. The central members are formed with a passageway therethrough for receiving a cable. A ramp connector extends along at least a portion of the midsection of ...