Robert M Pettigrew, Alan J Harry, Paul R Nailor, Fred Adelmann, Peter Franzen, Juergen Schoon: Printing systems. Esselte Meto International Produktions, Poms Smith Lande & Rose, November 3, 1992: US05160943 (131 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a number of improvements useful in printers which may be of the fixed, portable or hand-held types. In one aspect, the printer, which comprises a housing, a printing unit, means for feeding to said printing unit a substrate onto which indicia are to be printed, means for feedi ...

Hiroyuki Minakami, Motoyuki Minakami: Traffic/transportation system. Limbach & Limbach L, October 10, 2000: US06129025 (71 worldwide citation)

In a transportation/logistics system in which a pallet/vehicle with an automobile/container mounted/fixed thereon travels, a normal steering operation is carried out by changing the direction of the wheels (including tires) by an electronically controlled automatic steering system on the basis of st ...

Brigitte Leclef, Patrick Cerfontaine, Jean Marie Nicolas, Henri Wantier, Andre Trouet: Process for preparing lipid microparticles. Medgenix Group, Fleit Jacobson Cohn Price Holman & Stern, March 31, 1992: US05100591 (57 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a process for preparing lipid microparticles of microcrystalline appearance, of a water-insoluble substance possessing an affinity for phospholipids and of at least one phospholipid, the microparticles being stable in suspension in an aqueous solution, characterized ...

Barry L Ziegenfus, Russell H Scheel: Driverless vehicle shuttle. S I Handling Systems, Seidel Gonda & Goldhammer, January 2, 1979: US04132174 (56 worldwide citation)

A shuttle vehicle reciprocates between sets of tracks for driverless vehicles. The linear movement of the shuttle vehicle causes a turntable on the shuttle vehicle to rotate. The turntable is adapted to support a driverless vehicle to be transported from one set of tracks to another.

Ling Robin D: Straddle-form ski lift. Cohen Jerry, Hieken Charles, January 21, 1975: US3861514 (39 worldwide citation)

A ski lift for moving skiiers up a hill comprises a conveyor belt on which the skiiers are seated in straddle-fashion with their skiis sliding along in fixed tracks. The lift arrangement is supported on a truss frame which is supported from the hill by low posts spaced along its length. The skiiers ...

Calvin J Brandt: Spike-type railcar mover with optional gate opener. Calbrandt, Nikolai & Mersereau P A, C G Mersereau, May 27, 2008: US07377219 (38 worldwide citation)

A single-carriage reversing train positioning system which includes an extending spike-type car engaging member for engaging and moving one or more railcars. An extending chuck assembly may be provided with the ability to operate gates in bottom-discharging railcars. The system uses a single self-pr ...

John Darby Alt: Tram coordinating method and apparatus. Arthur Schwartz, October 14, 1997: US05676059 (38 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for coordinating the movement of a plurality of oppositely directed trams operating generally simultaneously along a single, dedicated lane, including a plurality of stop-boarding areas, a plurality of corresponding by-pass lanes, sensors along the lane to sense the location o ...

Michael P Rex: Material handling and sorting system. Plessey Overseas, Fleit Jacobson Cohn & Price, November 26, 1985: US04554873 (32 worldwide citation)

Mechanized mail sorting offices require packets to be sorted according to destination into one of many bags. A typical mechanized system includes a loading mechanism for transferring packets from stationary input pockets onto a continuously moving sequence of containers which pass all destinations i ...

Glen N Ward: Method and apparatus for automated powered pallet. Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert, January 12, 1999: US05857413 (31 worldwide citation)

A powered pallet assembly (10) for use on two intersecting trackways (11 and 13). The pallet assembly (10) includes: a pallet frame (23) having an upwardly facing surface (12) formed for support of a load thereon; a first plurality of load-supporting wheels (16a, 16b) rotatably mounted to frame (23) ...

Sieb Reinhard: Vehicle control apparatus for a closed transporting system. H Jungheinrich & Co, Toren McGeady and Stanger, January 20, 1976: US03933099 (27 worldwide citation)

Control apparatus for guiding one or more vehicles along a closed transport system having a plurality of routes and a plurality of junctions each allowing a choice of two directions. The system is illustrated as comprising a number of interconnected sub-systems or networks. Each junction has associa ...

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