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A radial axle railway truck has a pair of wheel and axle assemblies with profiled wheel treads of greater than conventional conicity to steer the assemblies by means of the differential effect of the inner and outer wheel diameters on curved track, the axle bearings are located inboard of the wheels ...

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A truck for a railroad car has a front and rear wheelset with axle ends rotatively carried in a front and rear steering arm, respectively. The steering arms are carried in pedestal jaws of a right and left side frame with resilient pads interfacing between the steering arms and the side frames. The ...

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1. Rail-brake magnet for electromagnetic rail-brake for rail vehicles, comprising a single or multi-section brake-shoe whose brake-shoe sections (1, 2), which are rigid or capable of limited intrinsic movement, are shaped like a yoke and are arranged next to one another in the longitudinal rail dire ...

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Tanks, containers, pipes, etc., of sandwich construction may be manufactured by winding an inner sheet (3) onto a rotating mandrel (1), by then winding a hard insulation (8) which has been softened by heating in a microwave oven (9) onto the adhesive-coated inner sheet, and finally by winding a cove ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a control apparatus capable of operating a hand brake assembly of a railroad vehicle.SOLUTION: This control apparatus includes a hydraulic source 14 engageable with the railroad vehicle, and a pneumatic valve 16 is connected with the hydraulic source to start the tra ...

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1479940 Pneumatic to hydraulic actuating cylinders GENERAL SIGNAL CORP 7 Aug 1974 [31 Aug 1973] 34715/74 Heading F2F [Also in Division F1] In a pneumatic to hydraulic converter a first hydraulic piston and cylinder motor 35 is actuable by a first pneumatic motor 34 and by a spring motor restrained b ...

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A method of damping relative movement between components of a railway car and more particularly a method of damping such movement which is operable only when the railway car is normally operating in a loaded condition.

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A handbrake system for use with a truck-mounted, single-cylinder brake rigging including truss-type brake beams, there being a single handbrake pivotal lever supported intermediate its ends by a twisted transfer link that is, in turn, fixed to the brake rigging transfer lever. A fulcrum end of the h ...

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A radial axle railway truck of the rigid frame type has an improved primary suspension for resiliently supporting the truck frame from the axles while permitting arcuate movements of the ends of the axles required to allow the axles to assume radial positions on curved track and an improved disc bra ...

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The invention relates to a brake disk/hub assembly for vehicle disk brakes comprising a hub and a brake disk, which is arranged thereon in a manner that prevents it from turning. The brake disk is arranged in the axial direction of the hub in such a manner that it can be axially displaced against an ...