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A preform is made by casting a copolyester polymer elastomer into a block. While the block is solidifying, pressure is supplied to the central portion thereof. After a block is formed, it is annealed and a precompression force is applied thereto sufficient to compress the block to an extent greater ...

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A method and apparatus for facilitating control of a railway train, comprising at least one locomotive set and a plurality of articulated cars.

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A control system is disclosed permitting the control of a plurality of power traction units in railroad service from a single one of such units as the master control unit. Both indicator and command signaling are provided between the various units by means of inductive couplers mounted in the vicini ...

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A semi-trailer and its releasable coupler for use in rail transportation of intermodal containers and other adaptable cargo. That capability is met by structuring a centered longitudinal beam to the cargo deck and fitting it with the releasable coupler of this invention, permitting the trailer to be ...

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Articulating devices may be used to combine railroad cars into a semi-permanent unit. Each device includes a male and female connecting member having ends attached respectively to adjacent ends of the railroad car bodies forming the unit. A pin disposed in aligned apertures formed in the outer end o ...

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A gravity-feed wedge shaped shim disposed within the coupler, is utilized as a slack adjuster in conjunction with positioning means to establish the desired minimum clearance between abutting parts to substantially compensate for slack along the longitudinal axis of the coupler.

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A fore-and-aft adjusting device for head rest used in an automotive seat, which is adapted for adjusting the position of the head rest in the forward and backward direction relative to the seat. In the device, provided is a friction member for that adjustment purpose, which is embracingly supported ...

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The draft gear includes a slack adjustment and cushioning assembly mountable within a female connector for pin connection with a male connector inserted therein. The assembly is made up of a follower which contacts the rear end of the male connector, a slack adjustment wedge, a buff taper plate coop ...