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A collagen impregnated vascular graft including drug materials complexed with the collagen to be released slowly from the graft following implant. The graft is a porous synthetic vascular graft substrate having collagen fixed to the graft substrate and cross-linking the collagen in situ to render th ...

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There is provided a tactile sensor that is a status sensor that move between inactive and active states. The tactile sensor can cover a large area and can be in the form of long strips. Its construction allows it to cover surfaces that are flat or curved or that include bends. In an exemplary applic ...

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A self-supporting underframe of a railway goods wagon has sole bars and bottom booms arranged on both longitudinal sides. In order to reduce weight and to facilitate assembly and any repairs which may occur, the sole bars (2) and the bottom booms (3) are formed from elongate aluminium extruded profi ...

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The present invention provides a railway car for hauling stacked containers. The railway car comprises a coupler and draft assembly having a vertical dimension that is substantially reduced over conventional railway car systems. The reduced height of the coupler and draft assembly allow three tiers ...

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An improved service-life, low-profile, elastomeric mounting for placement between the side-frame-pedestal-jaw roof and the axle-box or axle-bearing adapter crown on a three-piece, railroad-car truck. The mounting minimizes the damaging compression induced edge strains resulting from the cocking moti ...

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A railway truck having a resilient pad positioned between the bearing adapter and side frame. The resilient pad includes a body of elastomer in compression load carrying relation between the load carrying surface of the side frame and load receiving surface of the bearing adapter with an upper surfa ...

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An improved container for bulk cargo is provided with a peripheral wall, a top, and a bottom. The top defines a longitudinally extending central ridge and the bottom defines two spaced, parallel, longitudinally extending skirts separated by a central recess. The contour of the top generally correspo ...

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A four-wheel, two-axle railway car truck having non-integral side frames, a spring plank and a bolster, functioning both as a swing motion truck and a roll control truck and having its side frames journaled on the associated wheel and axle assemblies for swinging movement of the side frames transver ...

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A railroad car truck has a pair of wheelsets and means for providing relative restraint between wheelsets. A pair of side frames are supported on the wheelsets through resilient pads with the resilient pads providing greater shear resistance in a lateral direction than in a longitudinal direction.