Marwan A Fathallah, Geoffrey R Chambers: Apparatus and method for obtaining blood for diagnostic tests. Abbott Laboratories, David L Weinstein, January 14, 2003: US06506168 (319 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus for obtaining a sample of blood from a patient for subsequent diagnostic tests, e.g., glucose monitoring. In one aspect of the invention, an apparatus for carrying out the method described previously is provided. The apparatus comprises:

Dana J Olson, Dennis R Seguine: Method and apparatus for removing baseline wander from an egg signal. Physio Control Manufacturing Corporation, Christensen O&apos Connor Johnson Kindness PLLC, August 28, 2001: US06280391 (111 worldwide citation)

A baseline wander filter (BWF) with linear phase response for an ECG signal measuring system includes two cascaded box car FIR filters to estimate the baseline wander. The cascaded box car filters form, in effect, a triangular FIR filter that generates a weighted sliding window average of the input ...

Richard E Nichols, Hans Scharla Nielsen, Dale H Delaruelle, Dennis B Dahlman: Railroad communication system. Harris Corporation, Antonelli Terry & Wands, April 15, 1986: US04582280 (109 worldwide citation)

A radio communication control system for a lead unit and a plurality of remote units is disclosed. The system has a protocol for establishing a communication link between the lead unit and the one or more remote units in the system which prevents any of the units in that system from processing messa ...

Edward Grant, John F Muth, John Steven Cottle, Brian Ellery Dessent, Jason Alan Cox: Modular observation crawler and sensing instrument and method for operating same. North Carolina State University, Jenkins & Wilson P A, September 17, 2002: US06450104 (94 worldwide citation)

A robotic apparatus adapted for locomotion in an enclosed space such as a pipe includes a combination of articulated gripping and locomotive modules. Each gripping module includes an actuator mechanically linked to gripping members such that axial forces produced by the actuator are translated to ra ...

Baermann Max: Means to guide and suspend a vehicle by magnetic forces. Meyer Tilberry & Body, February 12, 1974: US3791309 (91 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a structure to guide and support a vehicle by magnetic forces which utilizes the repulsive properties of permanent magnets attached to the vehicle and to the support in such a way that like poles are facing each other, which poles extend in the direction of motion, and are o ...

Nikolaus Laing: Rail vehicles with propulsion energy recovery system. Pennie & Edmonds, August 22, 1978: US04108077 (82 worldwide citation)

A rail vehicle including means for converting energy released during braking of the vehicle to a stored potential energy which may be subsequently used to impart acceleration to the vehicle. Pressure accumulators are utilized where the accumulators include a gas which is compressed by braking forces ...

Marvel John Yoder, Frank Van Patterson, Timothy E Moutafis: Method for using a fluid jet cutting system. Hydrocision, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks P C, February 16, 1999: US05871462 (72 worldwide citation)

A method of pin-pointing a fluid jet onto a target involves pumping fluid at a low pressure through a jet creating instrument, directing the low pressure jet onto a target and pumping the fluid at a higher pressure while maintaining the jet on the target.

Ronald E Pelrine: In-pipe running robot and method of running the robot. Osaka Gas Company, Webb Ziesenheim Bruening Logsdon Orkin & Hanson, February 28, 1995: US05392715 (72 worldwide citation)

An in-pipe running robot includes a vehicle body movable inside piping along a piping axis, and a pair of running devices disposed in front and rear positions of the vehicle body. Each of the running devices has a pair of wheels secured to opposite ends of an axle. The wheels are steerable as a unit ...

Paul A Simpson: Virtually zero power linear magnetic bearing. Cambridge Thermionic Corporation, Roger Norman Coe, Thomas M Ferrill Jr, February 10, 1976: US03937148 (65 worldwide citation)

A linear magnetic bearing provides magnetic support by means of permanent magnets and control by means of electromagnets and an electronic control system such that virtually zero power is required to maintain the bearing in suspension. Persisting net force producing electric energization of the elec ...

Pat G Hedgcoxe, Charles D Zinsmeyer: Robotic pipe crawling device. Gas Research Institute, Neal J Mosely, September 5, 1989: US04862808 (64 worldwide citation)

A robotic pipe crawling device comprises two three-wheel modules pivotally connected at their centers, each having one idler wheel and two driven wheels. Each module comprises an idler yoke and a driveline yoke chassis with parallel laterally spaced rectangular side plates, the idler side plates bei ...

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