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A system for predicting and evading crash of a vehicle (10) comprising image pick-up means (21) mounted on the vehicle for picking up images of actual ever-changing views when the vehicle is on running to produce actual image data, crash predicting means (60) associated with said image pick-up means ...

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Method for detecting obstacles, for a motor vehicle, consisting in taking, from the vehicle, images with the aid of an image sensor associated with an objective, in displaying in the field of the image a safety zone defined by a top edge the position of which is a function of the speed of the vehicl ...

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In a vehicle cruise control system, a vehicle 20 is controlled at a set speed or operates to follow a safe distance behind a target vehicle 30 using a radar system 16A,26A. At low speeds or when the vehicle is halted, short range sensors 17B, 17C are used to detect if obstacles eg pedestrians 39 are ...

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A pneumatic sensor especially but not exclusively for a safety device for braking reversing vehicles is an extruded strip of elastomer having a base (3) for securing directly or indirectly to the rear of the vehicle, a comparatively rigid nose part (6) and an apertured part (4) between them. The end ...

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