Sempe Francois, Marquet Didier: Vehicle battery station electrical recharging having vehicle/vehicle station with pluggable connectors with connectors parallel plane placed and having play up to 20 cm.. France Telecom, February 14, 2003: FR2828589-A1 (107 worldwide citation)

The electrical connection system has a vehicle (1) moveable on a surface and a vehicle station (2) each with a connector (3,4) plugging into each other. The positions of the connectors extend in a plane parallel to the surface. There is a connector play of up to 20 cm.

Robert Lance Cook, David Paul Brisco, R Bruce Stewart, Lev Ring, Andrei Filippov, Alan B Duell: Forming a wellbore casing while simultaneously drilling a wellbore. Shell Oil Company, Haynes and Boone, Todd Mattingly, May 17, 2005: US06892819 (94 worldwide citation)

An apparatus including a support member, the support member including a first fluid passage, a mandrel coupled to the support member, the mandrel including: a second fluid passage, a tubular member coupled to the mandrel, and shoe coupled to the tubular liner, the shoe including a third fluid passag ...

Oyobe Hichirosai, Ishikawa Tetsuhiro: Electric vehicle and power feeding device for vehicle. Toyota Motor, May 14, 2009: JP2009-106136 (64 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an electric vehicle which receives charging power wirelessly from a power supply outside the vehicle by a resonating method and can charge a vehicle-mounted electric storage device.SOLUTION: An electric vehicle 100 has a secondary self-resonant coil 110, a second coi ...

Akira Shimada, Kouichi Watanabe, Katsuji Nakajima: Apparatus for deicing of trolley wires. Dainichi Nippon Cables, Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, W G Fasse, D F Gould, February 26, 1980: US04190137 (52 worldwide citation)

In a power transmission system comprising at least two trolley wires for supplying an alternating current power to an electric vehicle, and at least two feeder lines coupled to the trolley wires at feeding points of the corresponding trolley wires spaced apart a given interval for feeding a voltage ...

Louis E Tackett: Electrically operated vehicle and electrified roadway therefor. UNEP3 Energy Systems, James L Bean, February 13, 1979: US04139071 (51 worldwide citation)

A roadway having a smooth road surface for automotive vehicles includes means for transmitting electric current through the road surface to electrically-operated vehicles travelling thereon. Each electrified traffic lane is provided with at least two spaced parallel electrical contact assemblies mou ...

Electric railway system. Asea, January 27, 1954: GB702892-A (34 worldwide citation)

702,892. Electric railway systems. ALLMANNA SVENSKA ELEKTRISKA AKTIEBOLAGET. Sept. 18, 1952 [Feb. 14, 1952], No. 23431/52. Class 104 (3) In a'single phase electric railway system the overhead line 1 and the rails 2 are connected to two phases of a secondary winding 6 of a threephase transformer, a c ...

Jon V Eyerly: Bumper car amusement ride. Oliver D Olson, April 13, 1982: US04324301 (32 worldwide citation)

A bumper car amusement ride includes a floor to which is adhesively bonded over their entire under surfaces a plurality of elongated electrically conductive plates separated by electrically non-conductive strips and with adjacent plates connected across a source of alternating current. A bumper car ...

John L Traeger: Bicycle-ski rack for automobiles. Burd Braddock & Bartz, May 16, 1978: US04089448 (31 worldwide citation)

A rack for mounting on the rear deck of an automobile for carrying lightweight recreational vehicles, namely bicycles or skis. The rack is characterized by a frame pivoted in a pair of brackets clamped to the vehicle bumper, the frame being movable from an upright loading position to a lowered trave ...

Plaw Graeme Raymond: Rotary hand tool. The Stanley Works, Prutzman Hayes Kalb & Chilton, September 30, 1975: US3908487 (30 worldwide citation)

A screw-driver or like hand tool with functions in similar fashion to a ratchet screw-driver. The shank is coupled to the handle by a mechanism comprising a housing fitted to the handle, a bore in the housing which is non-cylindrical to define three channels spaced circumferentially of the shank and ...

Hennings Walter: Two rail suspension railway with a linear motor. Arn Jung Lokomotivfabrik, Woodhams Blanchard and Flynn, September 10, 1974: US3834316 (30 worldwide citation)

A suspended carriage railway system having a linear motor. There is provided for such a system fixed supporting means for mounting a spaced pair of tracks. An undercarriage is supported on said track and in turn supports an intermediate frame. One part of linear motor means is mounted on the fixed s ...

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