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An electrochromic window/glazing assembly disclosed which reduces the transmission of near-infrared and ultraviolet radiation while protecting against risk of laceration or chemical contact if broken/damaged, against ultraviolet (UV) radiation degradation, and against fogging or misting in high humi ...

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A vehicular assembly formed as a complete unit prior to installation and adapted to be installed as a unit from the exterior of the vehicle body with only final securement of attachment means being necessary from the interior of the vehicle body. The assembly includes a molded plastic casing or gask ...

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An ultraviolet protected, safety protected, reduced near-infrared radiation transmitting vehicular glazing assembly is disclosed incorporating spaced glass elements, an electrochromic medium therebetween, near-infrared-reflective means, and safety means for preventing injury upon impact to the assem ...

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An ultraviolet protected, electrochemichromic rearview mirror assembly incorporating an electrochemichromic medium with reduced ultraviolet degradation is disclosed which may incorporate tinted means such as a specialized glass, a dye, and/or a polymer layer.

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A collapsible elongated sun sheild including, a plurality of adjacent collapsible flexible loop members. A fabric covering material for substantially covering the flexible loop members. The loop members substantially supporting the fabric in particular areas to provide for loop portions and an inter ...

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A visor and vanity mirror assembly in which the vanity mirror is illuminated through electrical circuitry mounted on the back side of the mirror.

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A lightweight, composite beams for reinforcing a vehicle door is provided. The reinforcing beam comprises a metal tube having a longitudinal cavity which is partially filled with a reinforcing polymeric core which in one aspect includes a thermoset or thermoplastic resin-based material. The core is ...

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A modular vehicle window assembly is provided which has attached thereto interior vehicle accessories. In a preferred embodiment, the window panel assembly includes a window panel disposed within or covering a window opening formed in the vehicle. The window panel may optionally contain a convention ...

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An automobile window sunshade having a particularly simple structure and capable of easily being folded into a compact configuration for storage is provided. The sunshade comprises a single elongated loop of a thin strip of spring-like material covered by a sheet of one or more layers of a flexible ...

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A reinforced door beam has a hollow shell with an internal localized reinforcement. The localized internal reinforcement is positioned at the midspan of the shell and has a length of less than about one-third of the door beam shell. The localized internal reinforcement includes an inner shell which ...