Stéphane Bilodeau
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A climate control system (10) for a cab/berth of a vehicle, comprises a climate control circuit (12) in which a first refrigerant circulates between at least an energy accumulator (20) in which an accumulator refrigerant is in heat exchange with the first refrigerant, a radiator (22) in the cab/bert ...



Richard A Wruck: Controller customization management system. Honeywell International, May 29, 2007: US07222800 (171 worldwide citation)

A device and method that may be used at nearly any place to set and adjust a control system such as a thermostat, controller or computer having numerous parameters and options that may be selected for desired operation of an air management system. One may remotely, via a personal digital assistant o ...

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An air-conditioning case (2d) of a front air-conditioning unit (2) includes therein a branching duct (2c) for dividing the flow of the air-conditioned air to the seat (3) of occupants, and a cool/warm air switch (10) for switching the cool air (7) and the warm air (8) of the air-conditioned air and ...

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A vehicle air-conditioning system includes a controller for controlling operation of an air-conditioner unit and operation of a seat heating and cooling device in interlocked relation such that operating conditions of the air-conditioner unit are automatically changed on the basis of the temperature ...

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The conditioned seat, has at least one seat contact surface (31), the outer side of which faces towards part of a passenger in the seat. An air-conditioning device (18) supplies conditioned air to the region of the inner side of the seat contact surface (31). An electrical heating element (24) is ar ...

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An electronic apparatus having a housing in which at least a heat source is housed, the housing being provided with an intake port and an exhaust port, the electronic apparatus comprising a cooling fan mounted in the exhaust port, an auxiliary cooling fan placed near the heat source, a first control ...

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A thermodynamic system that produces mechanical, electrical power, and/or fluid streams for heating or cooling. The cycle contains a combustion system that produces an energetic fluid by combustion of a fuel with an oxidant. A thermal diluent may be used in the cycle to improve performance, includin ...

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A vehicle-use battery cooling system for cooling a battery mounted in a vehicle whose vehicle compartment is air conditioned by an air conditioner, so as to maintain the battery in a predetermined temperature range, includes: a battery chamber for accommodating the battery; a cooling device having a ...