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The present invention discloses an alignment guide for trailer hitches for a person backing a vehicle having thereon a trailer hitch ball into proper alignment with the tongue and trailer hitch socket of a trailer. The present invention comprises a telescopic guide post for attachment onto the top o ...

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Disclosed herein is a service center and method designed to promote the use of a battery-powered, electric vehicle which allows a discharged battery to be easily and quickly replaced in the electric vehicle and then recharged for use in another electric vehicle. The service center and method uses a ...

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A system for providing an electrical power and electronic communication link between a tractor and trailer includes a tractor module associated with the tractor and a trailer module associated with the trailer. The tractor module controls a plurality of switching devices operable to switch a corresp ...

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A vehicle has a sensor for detecting a first distance to a first object and a second distance to a second object located on the other side of the first object. The vehicle travels along a path between the first object and the second object based on the detected first and second distances.

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A trailer hitching aid includes a dual transmitter mounted on the forward end of a trailer or other vehicle to be towed and arranged to transmit pulses of infrared light and pulses of ultrasonic sound. A towing vehicle mounts on its rear end an infrared light detector and a pair of laterally spaced ...

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An angle sensor for measuring an angle .theta. between two rigid bodies rotatably joined at a joint. The angle sensor includes an indicator disk, an anchor strap and a reading means for reading the indicator disk. Our invention also includes forward and backward motion steering control systems which ...

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This disclosure relates to large motor trucks commonly known as semi-trailers and to an arrangement for closing or filling in the rather substantial space which necessarily exists between the tractor cab and the trailer body, as well as the space between two trailer bodies in the case of tandem trai ...

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A vehicle control system that selectively provides rear-wheel steering to prevent a vehicle-trailer from jackknifing during a back-up maneuver. The system senses a steering angle of the vehicle, a speed of the vehicle and a hitch angle between the vehicle and the trailer. The system calculates an eq ...

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A target unit mounted on vehicle hitch ball contains a known object target and an optical unit mounted on trailer hitch socket contains an optical sensor. A real image of known object target is projected onto image plane of optical sensor. Vehicle hitching distance and offset from optical axis, norm ...

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A releasable locking device is provided for securing a parked vehicle to an adjacent upright structure. The device includes a first means mounted on the upright structure and a second means mounted on the first means for vertical movement relative thereto between operative and inoperative mode posit ...