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A wheel adapted for use on a roller skate or the like includes a wheel member made of elastomer having shock-absorbing property, and a pair of disk members embedded into a central hole of the wheel member, and combinable with each other for firmly clamping two central rim portions on two opposite si ...

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A lightweight, high strength wheel having good aerodynamics both head-on and laterally is provided by this invention. The head-on aerodynamics of the wheel is as good or better than disk wheels of same size and weight while having adequate lateral, radial and torsional stiffness. There is also provi ...

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A bicycle wheel includes a rim having three or four spokes. A hub with a bearing is disposed at the center of said wheel. An annular recess is formed on an outer peripheral surface of rim for receiving a tire. A compartment is formed within each spoke for containing foam material and an annular cham ...

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A caster apparatus is provided for a patient support. The caster apparatus includes a braking system.

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A hubless wheel for a vehicle which provides advantageous weight and aerodynamic properties. The wheel includes a rotationally stationary inner hoop, coupled to the vehicle, and a rotatable outer hoop, concentric with the inner hoop. The inner hoop and outer hoop are both fabricated with a woven fib ...

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Construction of an axle driving apparatus disposing therein left and right driving axles and differential gears of a traveling vehicle. The driving case of the axle driving apparatus is formed of aluminum die casting to enable assembly by reducing machined portions as much as possible, and divided i ...

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A wheel for a course stable selfpropelling vehicle, having a centre part rotatable about an axis and a plurality of ground engaging means rotatably mounted on the centre part about the periphery thereof. Each ground engaging means being an elongated roll having its surface convexly vaulted in longit ...

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(EN) [PROBLEMS] To obtain an omnidirectional driver excellent in durability and maintainability without complicating the power source supply route for a drive source such as an electric motor. [MEANS FOR SOLVING PROBLEMS] A drive force in the first direction is generated through movement of a first ...

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A structurally supported tire includes an outer annular band, and a plurality of web spokes extending transversely across and radially inward from the annular band and anchored in a wheel or hub. The annular band may further comprise a shear layer, at least a first membrane adhered to the radially i ...

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A hub assembly for a bicycle or other human powered vehicle. The hub assembly provides a unique design for use with straight pull spokes having enlarged retention ends with no bends that can be dropped into retention cavities and retention slots in a spoke ring of the hub assembly. The hub assembly ...