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A braking system for a hospital bed having a base frame includes a plurality of caster devices rotatably coupled to the base frame. Each caster device has a wheel and a brake that inhibits rotation of the wheel. The braking system further includes a plurality of pedals configured to move the brakes ...

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A robot capable of moving against gravity uses at least one vacuum cup assembly having a port for applying a lubricant on the working surface so the cup may slide on the surface as the robot is maneuvered with the aid of powered wheels. The wheels and vacuum cut assemblies are coordinated to move on ...

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This invention relates to a swivel caster fitted with rotational and swivel angle measurement sensors mounted to a driverless vehicle so that the lateral motion of the vehicle can be detected and accounted for by the vehicle's navigation and guidance system. A preferred embodiment of the present inv ...

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The present invention provides a ground cover mat that protects the terrain from a vehicle or the like. The ground cover mat is manufactured by molding recycled polyethylene plastic into a sheet-like mat, which is inexpensive, relatively light in weight, durable in harsh conditions and easy to cut. ...

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A castor control mechanism for a hospital bed having a plunger type neutral/brake/steer castor comprises a linkage including a rocker arm pivotally mounted to the base of the bed, a link connected on one end to the rocker arm and being connected on its other end through a cam and follower mechanism ...

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The disclosure relates to a vehicle with hemispheroidal wheels, at least one of which is a composite wheel and a steering means for the vehicle. The composite wheel is generally hemispheroidal in shape and has two parts, i.e. a large treaded portion for use on soft unstable ground, and a smaller rod ...

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A vehicle disc wheel construction wherein at least a portion of the outboard face of the disc and/or rim of a conventional steel disc wheel is covered by an ornamental plastic wheel cover. The cover has its inner and outer margins in contact with the wheel but intermediate its margins the cover is s ...

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A self-propelled roller drive unit with enclosed power source, motor(s) and transmission(s) coupled to external reaction load such as golf bag frame, wheelchair, industrial transport, personal transport or other drive unit.

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A wheeled carriage has a chassis with a plurality of swivel casters, and a locking assembly actuated by a foot pedal located along the front of the carriage. Pushing down on the foot pedal rotates a cam that engages a cam follower on a "T" bar frame supporting two locking rings which respectively ov ...