Chris Christenson
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The present invention provides a unitary run flat tire (RFT) reinforcement that is formed into a relatively rigid shape. The reinforcement is insertable into a mold for an RFT support and can maintain the needed structural rigidity for such insertion. Further, the invention provides an RFT support t ...

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A signaling assembly is described and which includes a semitransparent substrate, a light emitting assembly which is disposed in spaced relationship relative to the semitransparent substrate and which when energized emits electromagnetic radiation; and an opaque light orientation assembly which is p ...

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A resilient wheel structure having a rim and a hub interconnected by spokes, wherein the rim is sufficiently stiff to distribute a load to all of the spokes, and wherein the wheel is able to absorb loads in both the radial and axial directions. The rim comprises an inner and outer rim portion suppor ...

Thomas S Hicks: Vanity light for rearview mirror. Lear Automotive Dearborn, MacMillan Sobanski & Todd, July 4, 2000: US06082881 (136 worldwide citation)

A vehicular rearview mirror assembly includes a mirror housing, a mirror, and a light assembly. The light assembly is supported within a channel in the mirror housing for slidable movement from a retracted position behind the mirror to an extended position adjacent the mirror. The light assembly inc ...

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An undercarriage for heavy diagnostic equipment having a selectably engageable swivel mechanism activated by the movement of a cam to allow the undercarriage to be turned when desired and rolled in a straight line when necessary, a selectably engageable braking mechanism to prevent movement of the u ...

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A vehicle for overcoming obstacles includes a wheel having an elastomeric flexible annulus upon which the wheel normally rides. Parallel spaced sprockets receive the annulus and include individual cogs which extend less radially outwardly than the annulus. When an obstacle is encountered, the flexib ...

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A drive wheel, having a cylindrical surface positioned at a radius from the center of the drive wheel, and a plurality of suction cup members disposed in a spaced apart relationship on the cylindrical surface, useful in a pressurized pool cleaning apparatus.

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A vacuum wall walking apparatus includes an annular body frame, a plurality of leg mechanisms extending downward from the body frame, and a plurality of suction cups attached to fore ends of the respective legs. The body frame is composed of a flexible member. The body frame thus constructed is bend ...

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A vehicle comprising a chassis and slidable vacuum apparatus mounted on the chassis and arranged for slidable vacuum seal engagement with a support surface.

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A wheel assembly includes a support, a cage rotatably mounted on the support and having a longitudinal rotation axis, a first ball wheel rotatably mounted in the cage and having a rotation axis orthogonal to the rotation axis of the cage, and a second ball wheel rotatably mounted in the cage and hav ...