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Highly reflective colored plastic film is prepared from transparent plastics having no pigment or inorganic material by forming the film from a number of layers of different thermoplastic materials which differ in refractive index and the layer thicknesses are from about 0.05 micron to about one mic ...

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A veneer panel (10) has a relatively thin veneer layer (12) secured to a relatively thick supporting base (16) to form a generally rectangular veneer panel blank. The outer veneer layer (12) is then grooved in a predetermined pattern with longitudinally extending grooves (30) and transversely extend ...

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Non-continuous reflective hologram or diffraction grating devices are provided in various forms for authenticating documents and things, such as those that contain visual information desired to be protected from alteration. Examples of such information include written personal data and photograph on ...

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A method of and device for controlled printing using liquid embossing techniques is disclosed. In accordance with the embodiments of the invention a stamp comprises a differentiated embossing surface with protruding and recessed surfaces to enhance the ability of the stamp to selectively displace li ...

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Panels for roofing or siding having flat sides and sides molded to be imitative of a plurality of shingles and underlying and overlying portions at the edges of the panels operable, when interengaged, to prevent lateral movement of the adjacent panels relative to each other and lifting of the overly ...

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A security paper which contains a security device e.g. a strip, thread or planchette having at least two machine verifiable security features thereon, one of which is a magnetic material, which may be magnetically coded or printed in a predetermined pattern on the device, and a second of which is a ...

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Floorboards consisting of a core and a surface layer with decorative joint edge portions which are formed by removing the surface layer.