John R Meek: Panel module. Robert A Spray, July 11, 1989: US04845907 (171 worldwide citation)

A panel module having special support means by which adjacent and coplanar panels are effectively interlocked so that they are not relatively translated even by significant loading intermediately of their locations of external support. Thus a very lightweight panel nature may be provided, for ease o ...

Ilse Zolle: Method for incorporating substances into protein microspheres. February 10, 1976: US03937668 (121 worldwide citation)

The subject matter of this invention is a process for solid albumin particles so that such spheric particles may act as a carrier for radioactivity, drugs, insecticides, dyes, metal salts, etc. In order to prepare such spheric particles, the substance to be incorporated therein is transformed into a ...

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Assembly including a flexible liner for protecting a paint tray and mechanical means for removably attaching the flexible liner to the tray. The mechanical means includes a plurality of clips for clamping the liner to the walls of the tray, a resilient band or drawstring for clamping the liner to th ...

Hans Kraayenhof: Flooring comprising adjoining plastics elements. Robert S Smith, October 7, 1980: US04226064 (93 worldwide citation)

Flooring for stables and the like consisting of adjoining plastic elements interconnected by means of provisions formed in the material of the element.

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Surface treating articles and methods for the manufacture of such articles are provided. The articles of the invention comprise a rotatable core; a plurality of surface treating segments, the segments having first ends adjacent the core and second ends opposite the first ends; and a cured, expanded ...

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A flooring made of intercoupled mat or flag or members of plastic, with these elements having, on each side, a set of integrally shaped coupling members, which are invisible on the surface of the tightly juxaposed elements or members, but allow the elements or members to be joined and separated by a ...

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A carbon fiber reinforced metal matrix composite is produced by depositing a metal boride coating on the surface of the fibers and subsequently immersing the fibers in a molten bath of the metal matrix material. The boride coating is formed by passing carbon fiber through a gaseous mixture of chlori ...

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A container for holding a supply of a liquid medium, such as paint, is provided with members (9) by means of which it may be releasably attached to a strap or the like for fastening around the waist of the operator. The container (1) has a mainly kidney-shaped cross-section inasmuch as it comprises ...

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A paint roller pan includes a relatively deep distal paint reservoir and a relatively shallow inclined roller ramp. The proximal end of the roller ramp is provided with a downward extending flared support with distally extending feet for engaging a step ladder. The reservoir and the ramp are separat ...

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A hand held tray is disclosed having two open receptacles adjacent each other, one for paint the other for one or more brushes. An open space is provided between the receptacles to accommodate the fingers of the user as the tray is held and tabs are provided to be engaged by the thumb of the holding ...