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A device and method for estimating a mental decision to select a visual cue from the viewer's eye fixation and corresponding single event evoked cerebral potential. The device comprises an eyetracker, an electronic biosignal processor and a digital computer. The eyetracker determines the instantaneo ...

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Storage devices for compact discs are described which protect the optical surface of the stored compact disc from scratches and dust accumulation. The devices are used to store discs singly and in groups of more than one, and provide maximum visibility for viewing the printed surface of the compact ...

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An elongated strip of sheet material is adapted to be attached along the bottom edge of a business card to convert the card to an index card suitable for filing in a card file, such as a rolodex, without having to punch holes in the business card. The elongated strip of sheet material has predetermi ...

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An article comprising a substrate having markings which are provided by at least two fluorescent materials which have different excitation spectra in the ultraviolet region of the spectrum and different emission spectra in the visible region of the spectrum. The invention also provides a method of m ...

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A double-grip, a one-piece clip is formed by having a single piece of wire being continuous and bent to form two gripping units on one side of the items desired to be gripped and two gripping units on the other side of the items desired to be gripped.

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A file drawer is modified by the addition of a follower block which is inserted in the middle of a stack of cards, files, documents or other thin file pieces resting on edge in the drawer, and a longitudinal slide running along a tract and mounting the follower block on the slide via a pivotable hin ...

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A loose-leaf binder mechanism is disclosed which includes a case containing a pair of pivotally mounted hinge plates each carrying a series of spaced prongs. The hinge plates are movable between two alternate positions. In one of these positions the prongs are closed together to define a loose-leaf ...

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A ring binding mechanism, for use with a binder or book having a backbone, has a curved housing which pivotally retains a pair of hinge plates carrying binding rings. A control bar, moveable between a first position and second position, is slideably affixed to the housing independent of the backbone ...

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A plastic storage drawer or tray for data cards of documents provided with a positionable compressor or follower made of molded plastic elements. The drawer or tray supports a longitudinal guide track or channel, the compressor having integral track-engaging flanges and a releasable locking shoe for ...

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A loose-leaf sheet binder mechanism with a case, hinge plates, ring halves and trigger lever to operate the hinge plates for opening and closing the ring halves. The case has first lock means on it in the form of a raised or dimpled member and the trigger lever has complementary second lock means on ...