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A dye transfer sheet for heat-sensitive recording is described which comprises a substrate, and a thin layer of at least one sublimable dye formed on one side of the substrate. The dye layer comprises non-sublimable particles uniformly distributed throughout the layer to form irregularities on the l ...

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A laminate construction is provided which includes a backing sheet, a face sheet covering at least a portion of the backing sheet, and a releasable adhesive securing the face sheet to the backing sheet. The construction also includes first and second compositions which, when combined, form a distinc ...

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A stabilizing agent for use in electron donor-acceptor carbonless copying systems. The stabilizing agent is 2,2'-methylene-bis(4-methyl-6-t-butyl phenol). Systems in which the stabilizing agent is useful comprise a color-forming composition comprising at least one leuco dye which is fadeable or disc ...

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A multi-ply business form comprising a plurality of sheets in superposed relationship wherein the top sheet comprises a support bearing a localized coating comprising both microscopic pressure rupturable capsules containing a chromogenic material, and an electron acceptor material. At least one unde ...

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A color-forming composition and recording sheets embodying the composition are disclosed, wherein the color-forming composition comprises: (a) a leuco dye, (b) an aromatic secondary amine or derivative thereof and (c) an organic solvent.

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A pressure sensitive copy system comprising a plurality of sheets in superposed relationship in which at least one sheet comprises a semi-translucent support bearing either an autogenous layer or a color-developer layer and at least one other sheet comprises a support bearing the other of such layer ...

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There are disclosed three kinds of pressure sensitive recording papers obtained by combining a colored oil-soluble dye, a microcapsule containing organic liquid and a whitening agent. These pressure sensitive recording papers have advantages that a record image of sufficient color density can be obt ...

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Disclosed is a method for coloring an article to be colored, which comprises contacting and reacting, in the article to be colored, (a) at least one aromatically bonded isocyanate compound with (b) at least imino compound being capable of forming a color by the reaction with the isocyanate compound ...

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The present invention provides a laminate construction including a backing sheet, which may be in the form of a continuous web, and a face sheet covering at least a portion of the backing sheet. A releasable adhesive secures a first or lower surface of the face sheet to a first or upper surface of t ...

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Formaldehyde-free resins of the formula (I): ##STR1## where n is an integer greater than or equal to 2, the phenolic units of the resin are directly bonded to one another through positions ortho or para to the hydroxyl group, Y is present at a position meta or para to the hydroxy group and is select ...