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An apparatus for connecting a thread wound on a bobbin to a surgical needle including feeding rollers for unwinding the thread from the bobbin, a tube-like chuck for selectively fix the thread thereto, a guide for guiding the front end of the thread, a feeding device for supporting the needle such t ...

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A method of and an apparatus for staking a proximal end of an operating needle, with one end of a suture being inserted into a bore in the proximal end of the needle, to attach the suture to the needle. A staking unit has a pair of staking disc at least one of which is movable relative to the other. ...

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An apparatus for attaching an end of a suture to an axially extending bore formed in a proximal end of a surgical needle. At least one of a pair of staking dies is movable toward and away from the other. A proximal end face of the surgical needle is engageable with a stopper surface of a guide unit ...

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An ink tray has been improved to include a plurality of channel ribs formed on the bottom surface. The rib ends are spaced apart from the ink tray side walls. An ink pad is supported in the ink tray above the channels such that ink directed through the channels is absorbed by the ink pad. Replenishi ...

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A printing press of the lithographic type having a pair of blanket cylinders and a cooperating impression cylinder. At least one of the blanket cylinders has, adheringly mounted thereon, a perforation strip presenting a line of regularly spaced perforation projections extending to a constant shallow ...

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A measurement and marking device includes a housing, a positional sensing assembly mounted in the housing, a printhead assembly mounted in the housing, and a controller mounted in the housing and communicating with the positional sensing assembly and the printhead assembly. The positional sensing as ...

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In a connecting device for connecting an ink supply source and an ink jet head, a connecting member 16 connected with an ink cartridge 7 is provided with a needle member 17, a first and second ink guide paths 19 and 20, which communicate with one another, a filter 21 is disposed at a slant with the ...

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This invention relates to an improved perforating strip for printing presses. More particularly, the invention relates to a device for perforating paper as the paper passes over the impression cylinder of an offset or lithographic press, the device comprising an elongated thin metal strip having a b ...


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