Marc Van Damme
Joan Vermeersch, Wim Sap, Marc Van Damme: Method for accurate exposure of small dots on a heat-sensitive positive-working lithographic printing plate material. Agfa Graphics, Leydig Voit & Mayer, December 23, 2008: US07467587

A method is disclosed for accurate reproduction of high-quality halftone images comprising microdots by means of lithographic plate materials which comprise a heat-sensitive positive-working coating that requires wet processing. Such microdots have a dot size ≦25 μm and may be obtained by stochastic ...

Nagasaka Hideki, Murata Akihisa: Method for making positive photosensitive lithographic printing plate. Mitsubishi Chem, February 11, 1998: EP0823327-A2 (120 worldwide citation)

A positive photosensitive composition showing a difference in solubility in an alkali developer as between an exposed portion and a non-exposed portion, which comprises, as components inducing the difference in solubility, (a) a photo-thermal conversion material, and (b) a high molecular compound, o ...

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A method of and device for controlled printing using liquid embossing techniques is disclosed. In accordance with the embodiments of the invention a stamp comprises a differentiated embossing surface with protruding and recessed surfaces to enhance the ability of the stamp to selectively displace li ...

David D Smith, Jeremy C Catt: Optimizing workflow in a prepress printing system. AGFA Corporation, Robert A Sabourin, October 12, 1999: US05964156 (114 worldwide citation)

A method for automatically processing a job in a prepress printing environment includes the steps of: moving an image receiving substrate from a storage bin to a staging area; moving the image receiving substrate from the staging area into a drum; imaging a predefined area of the image receiving sub ...

Damme Marc Van, Vermeersch Joan: Heat-sensitive imaging element for making positive working printing plates. Agfa Gevaert, September 16, 1998: EP0864420-A1 (99 worldwide citation)

According to the present invention there is provided a heat-sensitive imaging element for making positive working lithographic printing plates comprising on a lithographic base a layer comprising a polymer, soluble in an aqueous alkaline solution and an IR-radiation sensitive top layer. Upon image-w ...

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Method of dye absorption into the surface of plastics is accomplished by placing polyolefin film between a dye transfer paper and a sheet of thermoplastic and applying pressure and heat thereto. The heat applied is sufficient to sublime the dyes though the film to the plastic sheet. The dyes are abs ...

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Material is transferred by a laser beam from a transparent carrier film to a lithographic surface, thereby producing a planographic printing plate and a film having clear areas corresponding to the image on the plate.

Robert M Landsman: Printing plate blank and image sheet by laser transfer. LogEtronics, William D Hall, March 23, 1976: US03945318 (87 worldwide citation)

This is a lithographic printing plate blank adapted to be processed by applying a beam of laser radiation through a radiation transparent sheet to transfer selected portions of a combustible coating material on the sheet onto a lithographic surface; the lithographic surface provides a hydrophilic ba ...

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A system for predetermining appropriate settings for the ink flow control devices of a printing press in dependence upon the average inked area in each of a plurality of image zones whose ink supply rate is controlled by a respective one of the ink flow control devices. An image-bearing member such ...

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Lithographic printing plates which are adapted for imaging by IR lasers, which do not require wet development and which comprise a substrate bearing a heat-sensitive coating comprising a photothermal converter, which coating becomes relatively more hydrophilic under the action of heat.