David Sherrer
David W Sherrer, Gregory A TenEyck: Single mask lithographic process for patterning multiple types of surface features. Shipley Company L L C, Jonathan D Baskin, November 2, 2004: US06811853 (21 worldwide citation)

A method for patterning different types of surface features on a semiconductor substrate (e.g. metal pads, etched pits and grooves) where the features are accurately located by a single mask. First, a dielectric layer is formed on the substrate. Next, an etch-resistant metal layer is formed on the d ...

Ed Rutter
Edward W Rutter Jr, Peter Trefonas III, Edward K Pavelchek: Aperture fill. Shipley Company L L C, S Matthew Cairns, October 8, 2002: US06461717 (13 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are compositions and methods for providing substantially planarized surfaces in the manufacture of electronic devices. Also disclosed are compositions and methods for protecting apertures in the manufacture of electronic devices.

Tammy Balzar
Thomas Gerard Shannon, David Andrew Moline, Tammy Jo Balzar, Jeffrey David Mathews, John J Urlaub: Apertured tissue products. Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Gregory E Croft, June 3, 2008: US07381299 (13 worldwide citation)

The fluid intake rate of a tissue product having at least one hydrophobic exterior layer can be increased significantly by the addition of apertures through the hydrophobic exterior layer to the tissue product's hydrophilic interior layer. The apertures allow for fluid to be absorbed by the hydrophi ...

John J Curro, E Kelly Linman: Microapertured polymeric web exhibiting soft and silky tactile impression. The Procter & Gamble Company, E Kelly Linman, John V Gorman, Richard C Witte, December 16, 1986: US04629643 (368 worldwide citation)

A microapertured polymeric web exhibiting a substantially uniform soft and silky tactile impression on at least one of its surfaces. In a preferred embodiment the present invention relates to webs exhibiting a fine scale pattern of discrete surface aberrations, each of said surface aberrations havin ...

Eugene W White: Mesh sheet with microscopic projections and holes. Interpore Orthopaedics, Hopgood Calimafde Kalil Blaustein & Judlowe, September 20, 1994: US05348788 (295 worldwide citation)

A porous mesh for use in forming articles comprising a network of pores and protrusions. The porous mesh has a specifically delineated mesh structure having a pore/protrusion size between 25 and 1000 microns and the pore structure is based on a uniform distribution of pores and protrusions on a cast ...

Irving S Ness: Elastic composites. Chicopee, Nancy A Bird, June 25, 1985: US04525407 (149 worldwide citation)

An extensible elastic composite with elastic recovery and process for making the same comprising intermittently securing an elastic member to a substrate which prior to initial stretching is easily less extensible than said elastic member.

D Gregory Beckett: Structure with etchable metal. Beckett Technologies, Robert P Stratton, D Doak Horne, Arne I Fors, September 30, 1997: US05672407 (120 worldwide citation)

A self-supporting layer of flexible etchable metal having a thickness of about 1 micron has a plurality of apertures formed therethrough and has a layer of etchant resistant material on each face of the metal layer in a pattern completely overlying the metal layer and the periphery of the plurality ...

Hiroshi Yamazoe, Isao Sugiura: Composite graphite sheets. Nippon Carbon, Jordan and Hamburg, November 18, 1980: US04234638 (98 worldwide citation)

Composite sheets comprising expanded graphite, a sheet-like metallic core inserted therein and, if desired, a binder for the expanded graphite. In one embodiment, gaskets are prepared from the composite sheets.

Zia Haq, Richard Harbour, Donald Peter, Serge A Symien: Sheet-like article. Lever Brothers Company, Milton L Honig, James J Farrell, July 29, 1986: US04603069 (95 worldwide citation)

A sheet-like article suitable, for example, for wiping hard surfaces, comprises two sheets of nonwoven fabric or the like having sandwiched betweem them a solid core material which may be a highly porous, optionally liquid-containing, polymer. The two outer sheets are bonded to each other, without i ...

Peter Kung: Floor covering assembly. Sportforderung Peter Kung, Burgess Ryan & Wayne, April 22, 1986: US04584221 (92 worldwide citation)

By means of the coupling members and corresponding supporting feet of adjacent elements a coupling between an arbitrary number of elements of the floor covering assembly is possible. In order to prevent the separation of the engaged respective pairs supporting feet-coupling members in a positive man ...