Charles Szmanda
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Curable compositions are disclosed. Also disclosed are optical media comprising said curable compositions when cured and methods of making such optical media.

William P Mortimer Jr: Polytetrafluoroethylene film. W L Gore & Associates, Gary A Samuels, January 15, 1991: US04985296 (205 worldwide citation)

A filled PTFE film is prepared by compressing an expanded, porous PTFE film that contains filler material. The films have high strength with substantially few pinholes.

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The multi-layer polyester/polyolefin shrink film of this invention provides a combination of shrink tension, hot seal strength, sealability, and shrink temperature range heretofore unobtainable in an oriented, monolayer polyolefin material. The preferred film has five layers in which the middle laye ...

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Disclosed are heat sealable compositions comprising: (a) from about 30 to about 70 weight percent a low melting polymer comprising an ethylene based copolymer having a density of from about 0.88 g/cm.sup.3 to about 0.915 g/cm.sup.3, a melt index of from about 1.5 dg/min to about 7.5 dg/min, a molecu ...

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A packaging material having an excellent seal packaging property, which comprises (A) a base layer consisting of a stretched film made of a polymer composition comprising a propylene polymer and (B) a surface layer consisting of a stretched film made of a polymeric mixture comprising a polymer blend ...

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The present invention relates to barrier membranes including a barrier layer which includes one or more thermoplastic urethane formed from polyester polyols. More particularly, the membranes include a barrier layer including blends of one or more polyester polyol based thermoplastic urethanes and on ...

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Improved thermoplastic polymer elastic film blend compositions including a crystalline isotactic polypropylene component and a crystallizable alpha-olefin and propylene copolymer component, the copolymer having crystallizable alpha-olefin sequences. In a preferred embodiment, improved thermoplastic ...

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A three layered heat shrinkable, heat sealable thermoplastic packaging film having a desired combination of physical characteristics is disclosed. The film may be utilized to package a wide variety of items. A preferred embodiment of the film comprises a core layer consisting essentially of a linear ...


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Laminar thermoplastic films are provided which exhibit improved heat seal strengths as well as heat seal temperature ranges. The laminates comprise a predominantly propylene-based polymer substrate or core, the propylene core layer being coated with continuous skins, the skins being fabricated from ...