Tammy Balzar
Tammy Jo Balzar, Steven James Nielsen, Yihua Chang: Coating method. Douglas G Glantz, Attorney At Law, December 5, 2002: US20020183182-A1

An applicator article and method are disclosed for inserting a substance into a body cavity. The applicator article and method are especially useful for inserting a catamenial tampon into a woman's vagina. The applicator article includes a tubular member formed from at least one layer of paper which ...

Takanari Takagaki, Yasuo Nagai, Noriaki Hashimoto, Yoshimitsu Yamaguchi: Filter element and manufacture method thereof. Ipics Corporation, Cushman Darby & Cushman, July 25, 1995: US05435870 (125 worldwide citation)

A method for manufacturing filter elements, in which sealant does not get onto the rolling claw and rolling of the roll filter paper is made easy.

Takanari Takagaki, Yasuo Nagai: Filter element manufacturing method. Nippondenso, Cushman Darby & Cushman, August 6, 1996: US05543007 (112 worldwide citation)

A method for manufacturing filter elements, in which sealant does not get onto the rolling claw and rolling of the roll filter paper is made easy. A long roll filter paper having laterally oriented filter parts for filtering, the filter parts being open on the inflow side of the roll filter paper an ...

Christoph Vohrer: Process for producing a reinforced tube. January 22, 1985: US04495018 (91 worldwide citation)

Process of making a reinforced tube including extruding a thin walled tube, encircling the tube with a completely closed layer of helically extending strip coated with heat activatable adhesive material. The tube is then passed through a sizing die heated at its entrance to activate the adhesive whi ...

Robert M Wydeven: Method of sealing, housing and constructing honeycomb filters. Michael Best & Friedrich, June 1, 2004: US06743317 (88 worldwide citation)

The invention describes an improved process for the sealing of alternating flutes of ‘honeycomb’ designed filters to be made after construction, or fabrication, of the basic filter structure, rather than during construction, as is shown in the prior art. The method seals both sides of the primary fl ...

Peter A Quigley: Composite structural member with high bending strength. Fiberspar, Lahive and Cockfield, February 23, 1993: US05188872 (80 worldwide citation)

A composite member (10) features a unique ply geometry which contributes to improved bending strength. The composite is constructed of a plurality of plies, each comprising a fiber component disposed within a polymer matrix. An inner ply (16) has a fiber component (18) which has fibers which are cir ...

Kari Appa: Monolithic composite wing manufacturing process. February 20, 2001: US06190484 (71 worldwide citation)

A method of manufacturing a monolithic composite wing without using mechanical fasteners is described. The process begins with the formation of a center wing box in combination with a pair of spars, riblets and a pair of skin-molds including the wrapping and binding of the box by means of resin impr ...

Gerhard Clauss, Berthold Muller: Apparatus for making cup of surface protected paperboard. Michael Horauf Maschinenfabrik, Antonelli Terry & Wands, June 5, 1984: US04452596 (71 worldwide citation)

A paper cup of surface-protected paperboard and an apparatus for making the same, with the paper cup including a wound cup wall and a cup bottom inserted therein. Ends of a wall blank forming the cup wall are overlapped after a winding of the wall blank, and an inner cutting edge is covered by a pro ...

Daryl R Konzal, Craig N Johnson, Donald W Baumgartner: Machine for forming seams of two-piece paper cups. Paper Machinery Corporation, James E Nilles, December 25, 1984: US04490130 (63 worldwide citation)

In a machine for making two-piece flat bottom paper cups, having a mandrel on which the cup is formed, the portions of the two blanks that are to form the bottom seam are heated by a device comprising a stationary air duct with which the mandrel can be coaxially aligned. Air flowing forwardly in the ...

William C Heller Jr, Alfred F Leatherman: Plastic hose making method. William C Heller Jr, Andrus Sceales Starke & Sawall, March 23, 1976: US03945867 (62 worldwide citation)

A hose includes a hollow plastic core having an indirectly heatable agent bonded to the exterior thereof by a heat seal. A reinforcing net is embedded in the agent when heated and the composite structure covered with a coating.