Melvin D Clark: Apparatus for assist in recycling of refuse. Ogram & Teplitz, November 2, 1993: US05257577 (83 worldwide citation)

An apparatus which collects recyclable refuse in sorted compartments. Through either automatic sensors or through an operator panel, the apparatus determines the contents of the refuse and directs it to the proper compartment or container. In this manner, recyclable material such as aluminum cans, g ...

Stephan Bianchi: Double-hinged garlic press/grater. April 7, 1992: US05101720 (72 worldwide citation)

An easily-cleaned press and grater combination, which can press, extrude and grate material. It also serves to collect and hold material. It opens to release the material and to expose all surfaces for cleaning. It comprises a first cup (12) with a first lever (16) attached to one side. Opposite the ...

Lauren W Guth: Compactor container with removable bottom. General Electric Company, Francis H Boos, December 14, 1976: US03997072 (44 worldwide citation)

A refuse container assembly for use in a trash compactor, the container having a tapered sleeve and a dish-shaped bottom portion removably attached to the lower end of the sleeve by clamp means which wedges between the dish-shaped bottom portion and the sleeve. The refuse container is easily disasse ...

Joel L Johnson, Ronald Cortigiano Sr: Method and apparatus for guiding and sealing split-flange zipper tape to bag making film. Illinois Tool Works, Ostrager Chong Flaherty & Broitman P C, January 17, 2006: US06986377 (42 worldwide citation)

A method and an apparatus for sealing a split-flange zipper tape in a center fold of a web of bag making film without sealing or tacking the two sides of the split zipper web together.

Wallace A Doepel: Apparatus for compressing tablets. Thomas H Murray, September 29, 1981: US04292017 (41 worldwide citation)

High-speed, rotary tablet-forming apparatus wherein dies are filled with product material to be compressed on one turntable and are thereafter transferred to one or more turntables where the said product material is formed into tablets between upper and lower punches. The dies are then returned to t ...

Brian G Beesley, Clive Hurley, Ramon H J Brend, Robert W D Sherrell, Thomas P Edwards, Andrew J Vickery: Waste transfer packers. Devon County Council, Fleit Jacobson Cohn & Price, April 1, 1986: US04579053 (39 worldwide citation)

Loading doors for a container such as a transfer container for domestic waste which cooperates with a compactor loader having a horizontally reciprocating ram comprise a plurality of flaps which effectively close an opening sized to correspond with a spigot of the compactor loader the doors being op ...

Melvin V Gaeddert, Rex O Weigand: Crop loading monitor for rotary balers. Hesston Corporation, Schmidt Johnson Hovey & Williams, September 30, 1980: US04224867 (34 worldwide citation)

In the event that crop material is loaded into the baling chamber more heavily in one portion than another, the forming belt at the area of insufficient volume will become slackened relative to the remaining belts. Such slack condition is sensed by the monitor, and a signal device such as a light, b ...

Sommer Gordon M: Clutch-brake with liquid and air cooling. G M Sommer Co, January 30, 1973: US3713517 (34 worldwide citation)

A clutch-brake unit comprising a relatively fixedly mounted support structure, a drive shaft rotatable relative to the support structure, a housing rotatable relative to the support structure and at least partially surrounding the shaft, a brake within the housing and adapted for non-rotatably conne ...

Yona Becher, Daniel M Lemieux: Automatic waste recycling machine and disposal system. September 5, 1995: US05447017 (32 worldwide citation)

This present invention relates to an automatic recycling machine and automatic waste disposal system for plural types of household and commercial waste materials which automatically sorts, processes, shreds, crushes, compacts, rinses by cleaning liquid for removal of contamination and dirt from cert ...

Lewis W Schmidt: Lid unit for a refuse compactor. Blackwelders, Roger B Webster, May 8, 1979: US04152979 (32 worldwide citation)

A lid unit for a refuse compactor which includes a bin having a power-actuated compacting blade therein; the lid unit comprising a flat, dual-section lid supported on the bin in normally closing relation thereto, the lid embodying a front section and a rear section transversely hinged together at ad ...

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