Po Tsun Chao: Waterproof box structure. Getac Technology Corporation, March 29, 2016: US09301414 (26 worldwide citation)

A waterproof box structure includes a composite plate and a soft film. The composite plate includes a chemical curing layer and a thermoplastic resin layer adhered and coupled to each other. The composite plate has a through hole. The through hole penetrates the chemical curing layer and the thermop ...

David Paul Bourcier, John Joseph D Errico, Jean Pierre Etienne, Gary Matis, Jun Lu: Multiple layer polymer interlayers having a melt fractured surface. SOLUTIA, Michelle Bugbee, August 25, 2015: US09114595 (22 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides multiple layer interlayers having a soft inner polymer layer and relatively stiff outer layers that can be laminated without unacceptable optical distortion and used in various multiple layer glass panel type applications. Multiple layer interlayers of the present inve ...

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A thermoplastic laminate plank is described wherein the thermoplastic laminate plank comprises a core, a print layer, and optionally an overlay. The core comprises at least one thermoplastic material and has a top surface and bottom surface wherein a print layer is affixed to the top surface of the ...

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A heat-formed composite panel composed of at least one layer of refractory fibers, for example silico-aluminous fibers, bonded with a mineral binder, an intermediate sheet in a water and water vapor sealed material, such as aluminum, and a layer of fibers, particularly glass fibers, bonded with a po ...

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The present invention discloses multilayer blown films for shrink label and related applications. These multilayer blown films can comprise a core layer containing an ethylene polymer, and inner and outer layers containing conjugated diene monovinylarene block copolymers.

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The invention relates to a device and a method for stabilizing a powder bed by means of low pressure for an additive manufacturing method, wherein the device comprises: a container open at least on one side, comprising a bottom, at least one side wall and a container opening; a filter in or above th ...


[en] The present invention provides a highly heat-resistant multilayer molded article having excellent adhesion between layers and which can be inexpensively produced and easily recycled. The multilayer molded article comprises an innermost layer containing a first polyarylene sulfide-derived resin ...

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A gate-all around fin double diffused metal oxide semiconductor (DMOS) devices and methods of manufacture are disclosed. The method includes forming a plurality of fin structures from a substrate. The method further includes forming a well of a first conductivity type and a second conductivity type ...

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Various embodiments related to three dimensional printers, and reinforced filaments, and their methods of use are described. In one embodiment, a void free reinforced filament is fed into an conduit nozzle. The reinforced filament includes a core, which may be continuous or semi-continuous, and a ma ...

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A curved sandwich impact structure for a vehicle having a micro-truss core. In one embodiment, the sandwich impact structure includes a micro-truss layer sandwiched between two facesheets, a micro-truss layer designed for energy absorption on the outside of one of the facesheets, and a fascia panel ...