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L'invention concerne le surmoulage de vitrage par injection de matière plastique. Selon l'invention on place un vitrage 1 dans un moule comprenant deux plateaux 2 et 3 délimitant un plan de joint 4 et dont une parties sous vide limitée par un joint d'étanchéité 6 permet un maintien de la partie cent ...


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A fabric-surfaced molded composite article comprising a web of a fabric (2), an intermediate layer (3) of a synthetic resin lining the fabric web and an outer layer (15) of a synthetic resin which is fusion bonded to the intermediate layer (3). The fabric web (2) and the intermediate layer (3) are i ...


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Method for the production of injection blow molded containers having a preformed inner lining which is applied to the core of the injection molding tool without immediate direct contact with the heated portions of that core.


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An improved catheter assembly (10) comprises an insert molded catheter hub (12) and catheter (14). The catheter has an axial bore (18) and a flared tip portion (16) about its proximal end. The catheter hub has a lumen (20) extending therethrough with the flexible catheter fixedly positioned within t ...