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An apparatus and process for combining an organic fibrous material with a thermoplastic material forming a wood-imitating composite. The mixed material is extruded into a die system comprising a transition die, a stranding die and a molding die. The flow rate of the material through the die system i ...

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Impurities or undesirable components are stripped countercurrently from a plastic material in a screw extruder filled with such material by injecting a stripping agent which is, or forms, a liquid-gas mixture in the extruder, flowing the liquid-gas mixture countercurrently of the plastic material, a ...

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A sanitary article includes a ply of extruded synthetic resin which is light in weight and which is given increased pin- or tape-retention strength by a selective extrusion process which thickens the film web of resin selectively at the localized points where strength is needed. In the case of a dia ...

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Volatile components are stripped countercurrently from a plastic material in a screw extruder filled with such material by injecting a gas into the material and removing a significant portion of the gas combined with the volatile components at a point upstream from the point of injection.

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Matériau composite polyfluorure de vinylidène et polyuréthane obtenu par coextrusion d'un polyfluorure de vinylidène possédant une gamme de viscosité apparente à 200 DEG C bien définie et objet de revendication, et d'un polyuréthane thermoplastique. La coextrusion s'effectue au moyen d'un appareilla ...

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Process for direct production of shaped packaging material made of thermoplastic polyesters with no effect on the taste of foods packaged in them, where the diol component of the polyester consists of at least 70 wt % ethylene glycol, and the polyester is produced in the presence of the usual cataly ...

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An extrusion apparatus and method employing one or more forms of auxilliary energy to effect, enhance or improve extrusion and the product formed therefrom. The auxilliary energy is imparted to the extrusion material and the shaping apparatus therefore by means of electrical coils and/or other trans ...

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A synthetic wood meal in which a thermoplastic resin material of 25 to 80 wt % is mixed with a cellulose crushed material of 20 to 75 wt % that lies in the moisture content of within 15 wt % and the mean particle diameter of 20 mesh or less, the mixed material is kneaded so as to be set to gel, and ...

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An extrusion molding equipment for a multi-layer parison which includes an operation position detecting device for detecting an operation position of an accumulator extruding an layer of resin material invisible from outside the parison. A pressure detecting device is provided for detecting pressure ...

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The device serves for processing and working different materials, for example for homogenising, preliminary metering, plasticising or mixing. In a working chamber (5) of the device, a rotatably driven processing tool (2) is housed, which feeds the materials to a housing outlet (6) during processing. ...