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A collapse resistant polyester container is provided for hot fill applications employing product fill temperatures up to about 190.degree. F. (87.8.degree. C.) or more. The container has at least one region which is thermoelastically deformable inwardly after the container is hot filled and sealed t ...

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A method and apparatus are disclosed for developing a strain crystallized morphology in blowbottles of thermoplastic material by a heat treatment process subsequent to a blow molding operation. In a first embodiment, the blow mold itself includes means for differentially heating the blown article al ...

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Articles are blow moulded from thermoplastic polymeric materials containing high proportions of fillers such as glass fibres. The method comprises extruding the filled polymeric material through a die having a mandrel for constraining the material into a tubular shape; coextruding between the die an ...

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The invention sets out a method and apparatus of forming a chime projecting radially outwardly of a blow molded hollow member. The chime is formed immediately after the blow molding of the hollow member by forming a radially outwardly projecting channel-shaped part in the side wall of the hollow mem ...

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A process for manufacturing laminar articles by forming heterogeneous melts of a combination of a polyolefin and a condensation polymer incompatible with the polyolefin along with an alkylcarboxyl-substituted polyolefin as a compatibilizing material.

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An oriented plastics container, e.g. bottle, is heat set by holding an unheat set container against the heated walls of a split mould by means of gas under pressure, and thereafter cooling the container, e.g. by cooling the mould or by displacing said gas with a cooling liquid under pressure, and th ...