Heinrich Planck, Christoph Elser, Albrecht Grieben, Werner Ege: Process for the preparation of bone cement. Merck Patent Gesellschaft mit beschraenkter Haftung, Millen White & Zelano, September 8, 1992: US05145250 (89 worldwide citation)

A process for the preparation of bone cement for subsequent introduction into the cavity of a bone serving to receive a prosthesis. The components serving for the production of the bone cement are introduced into a cartridge and mixed together during a mixing phase and subsequently undergo a further ...

Harry Hodson: Mixing and agitating device. Arthur W Fisher III, September 30, 1980: US04225247 (88 worldwide citation)

A mixing and agitating device specifically designed to mix a dry solid particle material such as cement with a liquid such as water in a high energy manner so as to provide a predetermined degree of hydration above that normally required in the formation of concrete or like cementitious material. A ...

Simon Hodson: Apparatus for producing cement building material. Spensley Horn Jubas & Lubitz, July 31, 1990: US04944595 (84 worldwide citation)

A cement paste generator produces a paste with improved workability. The cement paste generator includes a housing, a shaft and a series of blades and baffles which have critical dimensions.


Harry Hodson: Rotary mill. Concrete Technology Corporation, Spensley Horn Jubas & Lubitz, December 26, 1989: US04889428 (71 worldwide citation)

A rotary mill to colloidalize a premixed mortar in a high energy manner so as to increase the degree of hydration comprising a hollow collector casing having a feed inlet to receive the premixed mortar and a discharge outlet for the mixed product, a pair of counterrotating members cooperatively form ...

Mark E Dillon: Process of producing a composite macrostructure of organic and inorganic materials. Bio Med Sciences, Paul & Paul, August 22, 1989: US04859383 (70 worldwide citation)

A composite self-supporting flexible agglomerated macrostructure is described which includes (1) a matrix of unfibrillated polytetrafluoroethylene resin and addition curable silicone and (2) particulate material including hydroxyapatite and/or tricalcium phosphate uniformly distributed throughout sa ...

John R Coffee, David A Dye, Robert W Lewis, Kevin M Marvin: Vehicle tracking, communication and fleet management system. Trimble Navigation, William E Pelton Esq, Cooper & Dünham, February 10, 2009: US07489993 (66 worldwide citation)

A vehicle fleet management information system identifies location and direction of movement of each vehicle in a fleet in real-time, and automatically reports such information, as well as status of predetermined events in which the vehicle is engaged, directly to the fleet manager. One aspect relate ...

Joseph E Musil, Douglas A Wilson: Portable concrete mixer with weigh/surge systems. Cedarapids, Donald R Schoonover, September 16, 1997: US05667298 (64 worldwide citation)

An improved concrete mixing plant is mounted on several mobile chassis to provide portability. The plant includes a horizontally oriented, internally urethane coated mixing drum having spiral and lift flights such that the rate of discharging concrete material is controllable without altering the di ...

Robert E Etnyre, William H Wylie: Apparatus for heating aggregate, recycled asphalt and the like. Wylie Manufacturing Company, Leydig Voit Osann Mayer & Holt, January 24, 1984: US04427376 (64 worldwide citation)

A drum-type drier and/or mixer in which particulate material such as aggregate or recycled asphalt is introduced into the forward end of the drum. A burner at the rear end of the drum directs its flame forwardly through an elongated firing tube which extends from the rear end of the drum toward the ...

Alvin J Weisbrod: Mobile concreting apparatus and method. Anthony, Fulwider Patton Rieber Lee & Utecht, November 3, 1981: US04298288 (64 worldwide citation)

A mobile concreting apparatus and method which may be used, in particular, for on-site construction of swimming pools. It includes a vehicle supporting a plurality of containers, each adapted to contain one of the ingredients of concrete. Each container is provided with its own ingredient feeder whi ...

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