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A finished parquet element for attaching to a surface having a plurality of members bonded in one layer so as to be thin in relation to the element's length and width. The element is coated with a sealant. Interconnecting means are disposed on opposite edges of the element. To increase the element's ...

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A piece of board stock is advanced on a conveying table between a pair of milling units mounted about and below the table. Each milling unit comprises at least one milling tool having a pair of spaced rotary cutting blades and a profiling tool of lesser diameter than these blades sandwiched therebet ...


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Floorboards for mechanical joining of floors in a herringbone pattern and in parallel rows with horizontal connecting means which on the short sides have cooperating locking surfaces which are designed differently from the cooperating locking surfaces on the long sides.

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A method of producing a hardwood flooring product, including the steps of processing a strip of raw wood into a blank having a predetermined thickness and width, and top and bottom surfaces defining parallel planes relative to each other, and splitting the blank along the width of the blank from one ...

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A method of making a veneered door with a raised central panel that is elongated and vertically oriented in which only three pieces need to be assembled. A suitable wood or wood-like stock is machined to form first and second elongated, generally rectangular substrates and then a flexible veneer wit ...

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A method for providing a decorative wood surface that is two-dimensional but creates a three-dimensional visual pattern. The upper surface of a wood member is embossed to form ridges, valleys, and transition zones. After embossing, the upper portions of the ridges are removed so as to leave a substa ...

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The invention relates to a laminate flooring (10) having a plywood body (12). This laminate flooring (10) has at least three transversely and longitudinally waterproof-glued plywood layers (14) as well as in each case an outer layer (20) of an identical hardwood, which is in each case bonded to the ...

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In a locking element (5) for a fixing system (3) for quadrangular plate-shaped panels (1, 2) and comprising an insertion portion (6) for insertion into a locking groove (7) provided in the longitudinal direction of an edge of a first panel (1) and a locking portion (8) for engagement into a latching ...

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Procédé de fabrication d'un revêtement mural ou de plafond composite permettant d'obtenir l'aspect des revêtements classiques en bois mais à un prix de revient beaucoup plus bas. Ce revêtement comprend un parement de faible épaisseur en bois massif tranché ou déroulé, de faible épaisseur, imprégné d ...