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An aqueous dispersion of modified granular PTFE particles is sprayed or cast to form a sheet. The sheet is then dried and the modified granular particles fused together to form an open network of fused interconnected particles that define a tortuous network of voids through the sheet. It has been fo ...

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Method and device for manufacturing corks (25), specifically corks with the greater part of the body made of a cork mix (22) and at least one end section made of natural cork (5), in which a solid disk of natural cork (5), with a pre-established diameter, is placed on the manufacturing device; hot g ...

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A porous material of a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which can retain at least 90% of 0.109 .mu.m latex spheres and has a flow rate (IPA flow rate) of at least 0.6 ml/cm.sup.2 /min as measured with isopropyl alcohol under a differential pressure of 1 kg/cm.sup.2. A process for the production of a ...

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Monoaxially stretched moulded article made of polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) containing talc and/or mica and/or a high temperature resistant polyimide and/or whiting as filler, and having strength values in the stretching direction of at least 10 cN/tex.

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The bamboo plywood includes a face board and a bottom board which are respectively a mono-layer bamboo veneer made of bamboo slices with uniform thickness and width, as well as a core board made of at least two said bamboo veneers by orthogonally laminating those mono-layer bamboo veneers, the adjoi ...

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Building material made from vegetable residues in a resin matrix and capable of replacing solid wood. This material is formed from vegetable fibres, for example of sugar cane, jute hemp, flax, cotton, kapok, preferably of coconut fibres. The fibres, preferably previously soaked in the resin are grou ...

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A method of producing unitary hollow structures, for example radomes, comprised of fiber reinforced plastic with a large percentage of the fibers being randomly oriented in directions essentially parallel to the wall surfaces of the structures and with at least one surface having grooves to reduce m ...

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A membrane of a porous unexpanded polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), such as that made by the matrix technique disclosed in U.S. Pat. No. 3,497,256, issued Feb. 24, 1970, in sheet form is sandwiched between metal foil layers that are stiff enough to take a dead set crimp; the three layer composite is p ...

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A method of producing a virtually fireproof plywood from perennial grasses such as Arundo donax Ligneous, various bamboo strains, or a blend thereof, by first weaving the stalks of these plants into a mat and then layering these mats and binding each layer with any one of several commercial resins m ...

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The invention refers to the plywood made out of mature trunks of pupunha (Bactris gasipaes Kunth) from the family of the palm-trees. The plywood is made of at least one plate of laths of pupunha pressed horizontally with or without heat. This plate can be compressed to other plates through the proce ...