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An improved table having improvements related to stock support, such as a rip fence stock support, as well as a lateral-table support system; features of laterally-slideable front and back rip fence guide rails, including an improved front rail configuration, an improved rear rail configuration, and ...

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A machine which separates pallet boards from their connecting stringers by sawing essentially through their attaching nails only, thus minimizing damage to the boards so that they can be reused.

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A portable apparatus for storing tools in an organized fashion and which also converts to a combination saw table, router table and workbench. The apparatus can be readily maneuvered, loaded into a truck bed and stored when folded. It also provides a rigid work surface with easy tool access when in ...

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The invention relates to work benches or the like for supporting machine tools or other heavy equipment, and more specifically to folding, mobile work benches. The invention is a combination electric table saw and folding, mobile work bench. When unfolded, the invention consists of a rugged horizont ...

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A table saw or other cutting machine includes carrying members on an underside of the work table generally adjacent the flanged table edge in order to provide an increased gripping surface area to be grasped by the operator when lifting and transporting the cutting machine. The machine is preferably ...

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A wood treating method and apparatus whereby a wood which is thin or bent, such as a soft wood or wood removed during growth or a wood from thinning, is strengthened, straightened and molded in any desired shape, wherein after the wood is heated and softened in a high temperature high pressure atmos ...