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A system and method for producing a three-dimensional object (10, 70) from coordinates generated on a computer machine (12) is disclosed wherein the object has improved dimensional accuracy. Control signals (20b) are generated for controlling a servo (20) that controls a reaction or interaction of m ...

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Floor part, in particular a floor panel for forming a parquet floor or such, characterized in that it is treated with a sealing agent (6) on one or several sides (2-32-33-34).

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A method for manufacturing an end effector assembly is provided. The method includes grasping a gap-setting gauge between first and second jaw members moveable relative to one another about a pivot between a first, spaced-apart position and a second position proximate tissue and setting the first an ...

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An emergency system for stopping the endless band blade reeved around a plurality of pulleys rotatably mounted on the base of a cutting apparatus. The system has a bearing rotatably mounted on the base and held in contact with the band blade at all times and an amplifier electrically connected to th ...

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Multi-ply floor panel boards are cut from a sheet composed of individual, glued plies. The plies of two such sheets are now placed together underside to underside and glued together. Then double board blanks in the size of the panel boards to be manufactured are cut from the composite sheet formed i ...

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A pivoted finger feels the thickness of a board by rotating to the angular position that allows the board to pass under the feeler. The feeler finger rotates a cam that in turn actuates a mechanism to lift the saw guard by the dimension indicated by the angular position of the feeler. Thereupon the ...

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