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A foldable hand tool, such as a pocket folding knife, includes a knife blade and a handle for storing the knife blade, and a pivotally biased lock bar to secure the blade in extended position. The knife also includes a pair of non-slip ridges mechanically interlocked with the handle in a region of t ...

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A lock-back foldable tool includes a folding locking channel which nests outside of the channel-shaped handle of the tool. The locking channel fits closely over a spring, integral with the web of the channel-shaped handle, which bears against a cam surface on the base of the tool blade. When the bla ...

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A folding knife including a lock for positively maintaining the knife blade in a locked condition comprising an upstanding locking pin which is integrally formed with the knife blade and which is received by an opening in a pivotal toggle mounted on the upper end of the blade handle. The toggle is y ...

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Folding knife apparatus includes a blade having a tang secured to a case or housing. Wedging action between the tang and the case locks the blade open and closed. The tang includes a longitudinally extending slot, and the case or housing includes a pin extending through the longitudinally extending ...

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A locking, folding knife or tool comprising a handle with a groove dimensioned to receive a knife blade or other instrument that pivots about an integral pivot post between a closed position in the groove and an extended position. The pivot post fits into a hole in the blade of the knife which has t ...

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A folding knife having a blade pivot connecting a blade to a handle for pivotal movement between an extended position outside of the blade cavity and a retracted position substantially within the blade cavity. A spring biased plunger having a first end and second end opposite the first end is provid ...

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A pocketknife is formed with a latching mechanism that includes a catch and latch for releasibly holding a key ring.

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A folding knife has first and second blades pivotably mounted about a common pivot pin to move between their respective open and closed positions. Preferably, the two blades pivot in opposite directions about the pivot pin. A side lock plate is positioned between the first blade and the second blade ...

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A knife having a blade pivoted to a handle is disclosed with a slidable bolt within the handle, the bolt being extended to lock the blade in an open position and retracted to permit closing of the blade. In one form of the invention, the blade includes a camming portion which retracts the bolt when ...

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A folding knife with positive lock for maintaining the knife blade selectively within the handle case and in open position. A spring urged foot engages appropriate locking notches on the blade for open and closed positions to render the blade immobile in either position. A thumb actuated rocker (sev ...